So we got a 2010 Honda CR-V

So we got a 2010 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V, among the best-selling cars in the UAE, has received a facelift for the 2010 model year. Unfortunately, there is no upgraded engine for the GCC version, but from what we could see, that doesn’t really matter in a popular crossover like this. It can sell solely based on its other features.

Changes up front include a new grille, though no one on the street seemed to even notice. The pointy front end almost makes it seem like the CR-V can go off-road. Almost.

The rear also supposedly received some changes, but we had to stare for half an hour to figure out what they were, compared to the neighbour’s older CR-V. Even the tail lamps remain the same. At last we noticed that the lower black areas of the bumper are shaped differently. And there is a chrome exhaust tip. Why even bother?

The leather seats are very nice indeed, with armrests and power-adjustability for the driver. Notice the lack of a full centre console and the flat floor. It wastes a bit of storage space, but now you can slide from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat without getting out of the car! Wait, why would you want to do that?

Rear seating is very spacious, with a flat floor as well as a reclining and fold-flat bench. It can even be moved front and back, and split-folds 40:20:40, while still retaining a centre armrest with cupholders. That entire rear bench is one fine piece of engineering that swayed my opinion about this car.

The cabin remains the same, with some new textures on the hard-plastic dash. It doesn’t look as cheap as before, and the armrests aree nicely padded. Niceties only include the big LCD within the gauges, the dual-zone a/c with tiny buttons and the CD stereo that has a USB jack hidden in the upper glove-box. Yes, there is a lower glove-box too.

The name of the game is storage, with cubbies and pockets all over. The half-baked centre console in the front houses useful cup-holders and covered cubbies, although that flat floor in the front really wastes space, unless you want to place grocery bags near your feet.

The decent-sized cargo hold now has a double-deck shelf feature. The upper shelf has a limit of only 10 kg and is a bit heavy to move, so we left it halfway up in this picture.

The CR-V felt devoid of character, but overwhelmed us with its practicality. It is the family car for those who only buy Nokia phones, Hoover vacuum-cleaners and Sony TVs, because it is indeed a very good appliance. Once you get over that alien nose, there is absolutely nothing else wrong with it. More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. I feel its one of the best, and one of those vehicles, that you fall for after using it for couple of weeks and realising how practical it is….

  2. Same old Stuff…with hardly anything to get noticed or be axcited about…!

    Wake Up Honda……!!

    Ur Competitors are moving far ahead in the CUV race…Eg: KIA MOTORS.

  3. Some how the rear end of CRV still not upto the mark as per my opinion……

  4. why transmition shifter is far away, how many speed does it have???why there is not tiptronics in Honda Cars till now???!!!

  5. C’mon Honda..give a break…redesign the weird looking front and back at least in 2011 model

  6. dont worry honda wid this design are still makin people enjoy driving those cars, imagine when they gona make superb styling model like other cars,
    kia n hyundai no matter how much beautiful model they introduce, only 5% of ppl here wud buy there model.
    e.g hyundai genesis they advertised so much bout this car , and till now i didnt even see 1 hyundai genesis on the road.
    honda has quality, they produce comfortable ride better than nissan or toyota. honda just lack design. I hope they produce outstanding design in coming future.

  7. The number of posts here itself shows the interest in car.

  8. People buy Honda because of the ride; comfort and quality. They are among the best in the world on these issues.

    The problem with Honda is that they had given their designers an open leave and they never returned! Just look how ugly the Civic, Pilot and the CRV models for example.

    They could hire some Italian offices to improve the looks of the well built cars.

    I personally prefer Honda over any other Japanese brand, but they need to improve……..

  9. Civic is ugly ?? I agree pilot is ugly , civic was the only model in 2006 which sold like a hot cake.. Are u ok ? make ur facts rite!!
    and your right they need to improve there designing to remain best in the future

  10. civic only looks good from some angles..

  11. Civic may be one of the best car in its class to drive; but for me it is ugly and the interior is a big mess.

    CRV is very nice to drive as well, but it looks ugly on the road.

    Sorry Rhymes but we don’t need to have the same taste!

  12. the ‘nose’ of the CRV does look like a pig!!!! anybody agree with me…. its just ugly and boring to me… i just like the seats….

  13. you are right Imran….. its a pig on lipstick….

  14. ^ LoooooooooL

  15. A good car with a VERY average design..

  16. Talking about Honda, the driving comfort, Safety and technology used is commendable. Design and Styles are secondary, but why cant Honda design like BMW?

    The figures talk! In the 4-wheel range at this price, I am sure Honda CRV is the best seller in UAE. I will vote for it too!

    I bet any other brand can beat CIVIC & CRV in that range and price!

    Definitely, CRV and PILOT needs complete makeover! Can we expect this in 2011?

  17. think about majority passion of civic’ among the same catogery cars

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