Kia Sportage 2011 photos released

Kia Sportage 2011 photos released

First official photos of the redesigned 2011 Kia Sportage have been released. The all-new Sportage is due to be launched at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show in March.

Longer, lower and wider than the outgoing model, no other details have been released about the compact crossover that now features Kia’s new design language. It is, of course, based on the 2010 Hyundai Tucson and will likely share the same engines, with options for front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.

It will likely reach the UAE by the end of the summer, ready to shove the likes of the boring VW Tiguan and the tiny Nissan Qashqai out of existence on GCC roads. Keep track of updates in the Kia Sportage buyer guide.

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  1. hey this actually looks good. better than the leaked images. the ground clearance makes the difference i guess (maybe the color too).

  2. looks nice but pirated image

  3. looklike like a clone work of Audi Q7 with infinity

  4. well, its not like cars from other brands are totally original. You could easily tell a Q7 from this sportage, albeit, if you see only the lights in ur rear view mirror at night, maybe then but otherwise, its easily distinguishable from a Q7 – be it the front, back or side.

  5. Wooww…>!!!

    Fantastic Creation from KIA Motors…!!

  6. Nice! Can’t wait for the interior pics. 2010 is going to be the year of some fresh new faces from Korean brands. Now only if the japanese suzuki could do something about it, that would give people a nice choice of SUVs

  7. was there a launch event for the tucson?

  8. crap model , i wont even take this model for free. hyundai-kia survive only for 4 years not more than that. My friend has a Hyundai tucson and whenever i see him he says i did a blunder buying this car. No resale value, NO performance, NO comfortability, and Obviously not a good ride… Applause for one more flop model by Hyundai-kia!!

  9. Well…who cares to keep a car for more than 4 years dude… gone are the days when ppl keep sticking to their same old cars for years…

    Cumon dude…start thinking fresh…Hopefully HYUNDAI – KIA will become Worlds No.1 by 2020.

  10. Author

    Launch event for Tucson and Sonata was today, in Oman, I hear. I wasn’t invited.

  11. overall looks good, except for the ugly rear design

  12. To Rhymes
    I agree with you, just think of it as it is designed to be driven by people who don’t know much about cars and will not notice those things you mentioned and it will be a nice car for them….

  13. Rhymes
    I think your comment just shows how shallow you are and someone who puts more emphasis on badge rather than substance. You probably drive a BMW or Audi!
    hyundia kia only survive 4 years – no more than that. I guess thats why every kia comes with a 7 year warranty then is it??

  14. it looks like baby Sorento….

  15. Rhymes,
    Well I will not completely support your comments. Hyundai Tucson offcourse is a rough vehicle, but if you drive Sportage you will not tell it. They are providing the maximum for the cost, which I feels worth for what we spend.

  16. @ Dav
    7 years warranty?? I think its a marketing gimmic. You need to go a little deeper and check what all are included within this warranty, I’m sure its limited.

  17. its 7 years from factory in EU but i dont know what it covers. In US, Kias come with a 10 year warranty for powertrain.

  18. just a mix of various cars or cross overs

  19. well good looking but back why number plate down make same like old

  20. If you don’t DRIVE Korean then you don’t KNOW Korean. Hyundai and Kia were the ONLY two car companies that enjoyed increased sales the past year.
    Kia brought out the new Forte, all new Sportage and the stunning new Optima. I drove every similar car before I purchased an Optima in ’07. The engine/transmission did it for me. The 10 year/100k warranty is not just fluff. Plus, my dealer gives me oil changes free for life. After 80k miles, my Optima gets a solid 26 MPG and is a hoot to drive with the 5-speed manumatic.
    I’ll buy another one and so will my wife (current generation Sportage). The 200HP 6-speeds get 30+ MPG and are smooth as silk.
    Korea is the new Japan – and they MAKE THEM IN GA WHERE I LIVE!

  21. All you wofters that comment on cars you have not driven or as yet know nothing of, what a clueless bunch of losers. I have had a G1 Sorrento and G2 Sorrento for the past 6 years, since they first came out here and I have not had one problem and certainly no regrets. Try before you comment.

  22. Still not bad at all… I’m using Kia Rhio for 2years and now planning to shift to SUV. Kia sportage 2011 is a greate change compare to 2009 models. Can’t wait to see the interiors, I think next month it will be available here in Salalah Oman Kia showroom.

  23. This is a copy of Mitsubishi Outlander!!! Japanese copy Germans, and Koreans copy Japanese….

  24. Hi pals,

    I had a sportage 2.0 DX 4WD and done 100k within 2 yrs. I didnt have any complaints. for all the pesimistic guys who complain about korean cars especially Hyundai – Kia, let me say one truth. they are just trying to close their eyes and say they are blind.

    I do admit that korean cars lacked quality dated back to 1990’s but towards the end of 1999 onwards they have imporved remarkably well in the built quality and is competing to every reputed brand in the world.

    For those nuts who say that KIA is not a brand, i do challenge them. I would say a brand is what it promises to deliver and KIA is delivering what they promises. It is indeed value for money and has power to make suprises

  25. It is remarkable ..compared to the earlier models n their shape…the new car models from Korean automobile manufactures are realy awesome..with their competitive price and well design they win a good market share when compared to Japanese giants Nissan/Toyota who intend to introduce cars with odd luks…Kia/Hyundai lacks in their resale value.hopefully soon they too wud get a good market value …

  26. Good mix of Chevy Traverse and Audi Q7….but sure hope that price will be lot lower

  27. Do we know the price for 2.4 l engine

  28. Well, I dont know the exact price of a basic 2.4, however, I do know that the absolute basic sportage starts at around AED 62000, so the 2.4’s price shouldnt be too far from that.
    I hate the fact that the sportage in this part of the world still comes with a 2.0L engine as standard and the 2.4 is optional. the 2L gets a 5 speed auto and the 2.4, a 6-speed.

  29. Yeh ive seen a couple of them on the road already..

  30. I strongly believe that Kia has come back with a big bang. my sincere advise to all the wise is please do not comment looking at a badge, try the product before you comment.if not for a reason BMW will still be making aircraft engines and not cars. so lets welcome KIA give it some constructive criticism.

  31. I am the proud new owner of a 2011 Silver LX Sportage..Kia and Hyundai’s creativity and technology are quickly surpassing Honda and Toyota’s etc.
    One example is the new six speed Transmission that Hyundai spent 4 years developing in-house for the Tuscon and is also installed in the Sportage, that uses 61 less moving parts and is much lighter and is basically a work of art.It doesn’t end there and anyone that just writes off these two company’s from their entire past is a buffoon…..I am more than confident that this Sportage will be a safe and reliable vehicle, since I don’t buy anything until I have researched the last page available to make my decision.

  32. realy nice car,better than old shape

  33. I was checking the Sportage LX with all-wheel drive out today and will probably have one by the end of the week. Nice looking, nice horsepower with the 2.4L and the warranty is solid. For the price, it can’t be beat. As suggested earlier, try one out before bashing it!!!

  34. This car is totally copy of AUDI Q7.hahahahahaha
    nice cheating.

  35. I am going to buy Sportage but the basic one which is 2.0 front weal drive, but I keep thinking better to get Nissan Tiida 2011 1.8 engine or Kia Sportage 2.0 Pleeeeeeeeeeease is anybody can help me to decide
    I am in UAE so I am really confused and don’t’ what to do

  36. ^… I advice you to take the sportage.. its bigger, more options, fun to drive, faster, more roomy and more powerfull…;)

  37. Thanks Adam, I think you are right the price is almost going to a same but it’s has fun and more option I guess this is good choice..

  38. I got all my documents and I am going to get it this week if there any comment please.. but someone told me mazda 3 1.6 also very good in UAE I don’t know I think Sportage i better your suggestion …

  39. The agency in dubai is very bad. I took one last month and until now they didnt gave my insurance policy papers. Everytime they says excuses. After purchase, they are really dont care the customers. Service is also really crap. The car is good, but these type of problems make it think twice. Better to go for a Toyota or Honda.

  40. haw mutch kia

  41. I plan to buy kia sportage but which one ( 2.0l 4*4 = 78500 or 2.4l 4*4 82000 or full option 89900 dhs
    Which one any suggestion and they are not giving any service warranty little confuse
    Or i go for some other suv like ford edge

  42. Go for a Hyundai santa fe, better car and i guess u’ll get proper insurance as well, as u’ll get a similar deal on the tucson or a rav 4. Also Hyundai is almost as gud as japanese now. Not quite the same with Kia, although they have improved considerably.

  43. why don’t you try kia-hyundai first before bashing out!i’m driving chevy lumina but thinking to shift to considering kia sportage this time.ofcourse i have to see reviews from current users and not to those ppol hu doesn’t try to drive one and still they are the first one commenting on it.

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