2010 Hyundai Tucson ix35 revealed

2010 Hyundai Tucson ix35 revealed

2010 Hyundai Tucson ix35
The first version of the all-new Hyundai Tucson has been revealed for its Korean home market, demonstrating swoopy new styling and a new engine.

Depending on market, the new model will be known as either the Tucson ix, the ix35, or simply as the 2010 Tucson. There also seems to be variations on the front bumper design.

While details are still scarce, the new model will come with a new 166 hp 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine and a 6-speed automatic, with a choice of front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. Available features in some markets will include a panoramic sunroof, rear camera, downhill brake control, hill-start assist, stability control and even automatic hazard lights for panic stops.

Expected to debut in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries by the end of the year, some safety features will likely be removed in the GCC version to keep prices low. Keep track of updates and prices in the Hyundai Tucson buyer guide.

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  1. whoa baby! that is wicked! the best looking HKAG yet! as long as that 2L engine is a tetha II I’m fine with it though I’d prefer the 2.4 thetaII.

  2. confirmed. it is the theta II which one of the most rsponsive engines on the market. this is so exciting! and the fetures are also attractive!

  3. Looks like the smaller Veracruz…not that is a bad thing…looking good in these digitally enhanced images…
    I just wish they bring it with the new engine and scrap the old one. I have a really bad feeling they might just offer us the same crappy engines with a 4speed automatic to keep prices low…

  4. they cant change the engine model. it will be the thetaII and thats not an option. what is an option is the bigger thetaII engine (the 2.4L). they might not get that one. the tranny is hyundai’s new in-house developed one and there wont be any other tranny to use if not that. so Al majid won’t have a choice there. what I am afraid of is that the Skylight option might not be taken with an excuse that it wont sell well cuz of the middle-east sun. but if there’s no sunroof option, they’ll have to take skylight. the new sorento will also get a skylight.

  5. front looks kike a cross between chevrolet traverse and infiniti fx

  6. 😯 Excuse Me!! how did u even notice that! I dont see any FX in the front nor a travy! I h8 how ppl just compare the slightest similarities in HKAGs to the other cars and here i just dont see any.
    this is damn easy to distinguish from any fx or travy.

  7. Author

    The problem with Hyundai/Kia is that, even when they are original, they do not have a fixed brand identity when it comes to styling. They keep changing the grille every couple of years. VW does it too, but they were always retards so they can be forgiven.

  8. lol.
    but yea, brand identity is important now with so many designs on the market.
    Kia is fixing the brand identity prob now and are settled with the H-grille. and hyundai just seems to picking different designs but i think they have setled for a design for the grille which is this one on this tucson (will be applied to santa fé soon. the sedans will most likely get the genesis grille but with the hyundai logo.

  9. nice appealing looks!! not bad for a Hyundai though.

  10. Nice looking Tucsy..Interior???..near the ac controls… may be a straight picture will make it clear. How it will look? Otherwise it looks great. I am sure..they won’t be able to offer this model in current Tucson pricing range.

  11. THumbs up nice car

  12. @Royer: everything seems pretty clear. starting from top: CD-changer, colour LCD display for Navi, Audio system etc, and below that the Climate control knobs. and below that, the two buttons on each side are the seat warmers and below that, a place for keeping… something.

  13. Looks like a ford Kuga from the front ! and the sides and the back … oooppsss copy cat at work 🙂

  14. Hi, Mr.Boris. I am not talking about picture clarity. By straight view, means having a photo of dashboard of how it will look when you are at steering wheel. Imagine looking a car by side angle and then looking at it straight, both have different effects.

  15. Its beautiful!!! But I hope the price is still low and there’s also an automatic version.

  16. Any specific date for da UAE launch … or an informed approximate date …. i am getting a car after EID ….. will dis thing be around ??

  17. Please inform us the specific date to which this car will be launch. Hoping it will be October 2009.

  18. till now no news
    i wanna buy tucson and waitting
    the new shape arrival in abu dhabi
    do any one knows any thing ?

  19. if you see the yards of hyundai, they still have the old model tucsons. so until Al Majid Motors dont finish the old stock, the new model will not be brought here. expecting the old shape tucson price to come down.

  20. pls advise how much prise ?

  21. 60k AED maybe? hard to tell until it arrives here

  22. when will be available in dubai.

  23. i want this model iX35 next month very badly. love it yah!
    when are you going to release here in dubai, uae????

  24. It will be on sale here once the current model stock is finished.

  25. BJD when do u expect this to happen, i cant wait any longer

  26. I saw this Hyundai Tucson – the latest one at Juma Al Majid service centre in Ras Al khor Dubai. They plan to relase it offically for sale in Dec’09.

  27. @Sandeep : I s it really as good as it looks in da pictures …. just curious :P!!

  28. Hyundai is really moving ahead.. if they keep selling reasonably priced cars like they are doing..

  29. the hyundai veracruz with 3.8 L engine is really amazing at acceleration !((0-100 about 10 sec ) ive got one and i do enjoy it ! but this new hyundai tucson looks like better than veracruz but it seems that hyundai team offer 2L engine for it ! isnt it too Weak ??

  30. HI… I am a German cars fan, but i got to say very nice and sharp looks, moving Hyundai to a totally different level. I still have a concern though, when it comes to Korean cars, it is always the resale value that is still a BIG CONCERN for most people… Also the after sale service. Now i know that price wise it is totally affordable but still resale value is what most people will think of when buying a car ESPECIALLY expats. Cant wait to see it 🙂 GOOD JOB!

  31. ^ always reselling a car has been known as a loss.. The wisest choice is buying a car and keeping it on the long run.. Making the best of your investment that is.

  32. Hi Sandeep,
    Have u any idea abt the expected price of this car.

  33. I was inquiring about tucson in Al Majid, not even asking of the new tucson that they are only dealing with 2009 models. they were saying new model will be sold first quarter of next year, I thinks its been overdue when regards to launching new models.and yes I,ve seen the hyundai yard at sharjah and theres still so much of tucson parked.

  34. Yup, according for my Contact inside there In the main Hyundai Factory. They will put it in sale in January. 4X2 is around 65k and the 4×4 diesel is around 76k.. they will accept bookings right now. just call them and ask them in a secret way..they will booked u..I already booked A Red one!

  35. plese sand me the prise in hyundai (I10)2010
    thank you .

  36. wow, thank you sandeep man for the info! 😀
    goin to the dealer tomorrow man!!
    black baby!

  37. Hi guys,
    it’s been really anoying that i’m not gonna get for this x-mas. i been waiting so long to get it one at the earliest, can’t wait any longer.


  38. maybe you could just book one now and wait cuz it won’t be on sale until the current stocks are over.

  39. If they display it at the Dubai Motor Show from Dec. 16th then it’ll be confirmed that they will be selling it here soon. Otherwise it’ll have to be a longer wait. 2 more weeks and everything will be clear my friends. Alternately don’t let Al Majid motors stop ringing. Keep bugging them till they tell us when they plan to begin selling this beauty.

  40. this car design is extraordinary, sure the koreans are very smart, the car is very very beautiful and marvelous,hope the price be reasonable.

  41. Awesome looks and the koreans have shown reliability over the years. Way to go Hyudai…..This car will be a hot seller with the girl buyers.

  42. E quando chega no BRASIL ?????

  43. I will buy my wife this beautiful car. It looks like Infinity fx but only cheaper.


  45. saw its ad in gulfnews.

  46. good but need to improve the ac i have old tucson very poor ac

  47. I have my old Tucson 08 model. There is so much outside noise while driving even after changing the weather strip. Hyundai service is poor.

  48. hi, what a take away brade is this am begining to driving the tuncy 2010, mine 2009 is little bit boring. pls we dont hv any in the nigerian market pls we need tuncy 2010. my baby loved it

  49. Price When New Dhs 61900 – 85000 max speed (2.0ltr)170kph (2.4ltr) 180 kph
    (Interesting styling, fuel economy, cabin legroom, base price)
    (Average acceleration, hard cabin plastics, no side airbags)

  50. I would like to know the prices of ix35

  51. 166 hp 2.0-litre 4-cylinder,full salon how much?

  52. Hyundai tucson is very nice car for my budget.. I liked it..

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