Video of the week: Toyota recall news

A comprehensive TV news report covering everything one would need to know about the Toyota recall, along with a demonstration involving a Toyota Camry.

What do you think?



  1. SO Toyota CEO is not using Toyota, hehehe he is using Audi Luxury car, what about their luxury cars LEXUS

  2. Author

    I don’t think Lexus is available in Switzerland. It’s bad enough though that the hotel provided him with an Audi, of all things.

  3. “In his defence, he did hav othr stops to make!! n so he decided to take the local”….hahaha..funny stuff man!

  4. He is just shouting too much!!!

  5. Oh dear,
    Toyota are now the laughing stock of the US late night shows.
    It will hurt their sales really bad this year to the benefit of the US car makers.

  6. HAHA! loved this one! XD

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