BMW 5-Series GT 2010 debuts in the UAE

BMW 5-Series GT 2010 debuts in the UAE

Once again “defining a brand new segment” which didn’t need defining, BMW has announced the arrival of the all-new 2010 5-Series Gran Turismo in the UAE, at some press conference in Abu Dhabi last week. An embodiment of the premium manufacturer’s commitment to misdirected innovation, the BMW Gran Turismo combines the characteristic features of a “prestigious sedan, the functionality and space of an SAV and elements of a traditional grand touring car.”

The exterior of the car attempts to combine the proportions a coupé-like roofline, as well as four doors with frameless windows to create one complete minivan of a car. For the first time the daytime driving light function is provided by LED corona rings, while the rear end is enhanced by L-shaped rear light clusters with illuminated rows of LED lights, and other features include a two-piece tailgate, a panoramic glass roof, seating for four and all the usual BMW safety and tech gadgetry, such as iDrive, active steering, Driving Dynamic Control for variable drive settings, adaptive headlights, Lane Change and Lane Departure Warnings, and tons of airbags.

The Gran Turismo will enter the UAE market with an 8-speed automatic transmission and two engine variants – the 3.0-litre inline-6 535i and the 4.8-litre V8 550i, both with turbo technology. The BMW 535i Gran Turismo offers 306 hp with a top speed of 250 kph and 0-100 kph acceleration in 6.3 seconds. The BMW 550i Gran Turismo has 407 hp with a limited top speed of 250 kph and 0-100 kph acceleration in 5.5 seconds.

The BMW Gran Turismo also comes with a range of options, including telecommunication and navigation systems, a multi-channel audio system, a DAB double tuner, USB port, 80 GB Hard Disk, DVD entertainment system in the rear, and four-zone automatic air-conditioning.

The 5-Series GT is a segment-buster, but will likely sell in much lower numbers than the X6, which has overrun the streets of Dubai. Keep track of future updates and UAE prices in the BMW buyer guide.

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  1. I like the design till the end of the sloping roof line but I don’t like the way the lines go below the spoiler.

  2. Already spotted a few on the roads, infact some family in our building owns one..Looks like a low riding version of the X6 IMO.

  3. Does this car fall in the same group of Porche Panamera?

  4. I was wondering too if this car is a competitor of the panamera?

  5. This should be much cheaper than panamera
    looks like choped off version of BMW 7 series

  6. IMO There is only one good BMW which is the 3 series, the rest are getting uglier with every new model… HEY! Who fitted the Hyundai Genesis coupe front pumper on the new 5 series??!! 😉

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