Nissan Pathfinder 2011 unveiled in Europe

Nissan Pathfinder 2011 unveiled in Europe

This here is the facelifted 2011 Nissan Pathfinder for the European market. European Pathfinders are built in Spain and come with diesel engines. What this means for GCC-spec Pathfinders is unknown, as UAE-bound models are built in America.

Aside from new diesel engines, the Euro-spec 2011 Pathfinder gets a new bonnet, a revised grille, new bumpers, new headlight design, and new 16-inch and 17-inch wheel designs.

Interior modifications include revised door trim, new seat fabric, new chrome highlights, revised dials and an optional ‘Nissan Connect Premium’ multimedia touchscreen.

Keep track of local updates in the Nissan Pathfinder buyer guide.

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  1. It looks the same

  2. All nissan SUVs are starting to look the same
    I sort of had an idea how the SUV will look before I clicked on the link.

  3. Author


  4. Well the interior especially dashboard with bose in middle east looks ages ahead of what you see of European version.

    The 2005 to 2007 ones had straight lines in the rear, after 2008 the middle east spec ones dont have lines in rear, its just a smooth curve + there are no reflectors in the rear bumper.

    This looks like a 2005 European Model and i fail to note change in grill

  5. It is the same car more or less.
    This car definitely needs a makeover after Honda and Toyota had updated their similar models.

  6. They have to look same as far as grill is concerned, that’s what is called corporate grill like BMW, BENZ etc. But definitely everything else should change. The Patrol, Xterra and Pathfinder look nowhere the same.

    The New Patrol looks a mixture of two many suv’s with Pathfinder front and Armada Grill.

    The Xterra is unique with strange roof and rear.

    The Pathy really looks brother to bigger Armada, but with Armada out, it becomes different.

    The Xtrail, Qasqai and Murano have no resemblance to big three.

    But I do agree Pathfinder needs make up after Mitsu, Honda and Toyota made changes to their line of 7 seaters.

    I hope it still retains box design not a girly one, but as per current trend it seems, the next one (still 2 years to go) will be a crossover like Explorer.

  7. Why does article heading in home page reads “2011 Nissan Patrol in Europe”?

  8. Author

    So they do look all the same. haha!

  9. Yes the front. All the three have different bbuumms. Can you compare Patrol, Xterra and Pathfinder cabin from any angle?

    And if the front doesn’t look same, you guys will say what you say for kia, the company puts different grill in each models…bla bla bla.

  10. Ok just to sort out any confusion, the 08+ models are the ones with which received the facelift. For those who wanna know, the 05-07 models have a smaller bonnet and different interior.
    The 08+ models had a longer bonnet (to accomodate 5.6V8 not offered in GCC market) revised font grill (again longer) and revised rear bumper along with a complete make over of the interior including centre stack and equipment. The 2011 looks more the same as the 08+ the only noticable difference is the air intake its got a front mesh. so this isnt an actual make over but more of the introduction of the new 3.0V6 diesel engine. With 240Hp+ (its quoted at 260hp) and 550Nm of torque..
    Also, complete generation changes are due in 2012 where early speculations say its going to be based on the Patrol platform.

  11. Yes the main change is 3.0 D engine. Spyke i fail to notice major change in European Dashboard in this pic. The only change is 3 cup holders instead of 2 big ones in mid-east one, also the mid-east one has card holder with lid next to gear shift, this one its plain surface.

  12. The standard X trim or S trim even here still come with the old 05-07 dash design.So the pic showed is probably the standard version with limited equipment..Only the SE gets upgraded to the new dash design..Thats what it was till 2009 so im assuming its the same thing here as well..

  13. Uff! tHE American version of 2011 has way better interior IMO

  14. Dear all, can you give a dealers name and location for NISSAN PATHFINDER DIESEL


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