Toyota shows off the FT-86

Toyota shows off the FT-86

Finally some news from Toyota which isn’t bad. The Corolla AE-86 from the 1980s, became popular in the modified scene, with its real-wheel drive format and perfect balance. Hard to believe Corollas were cool once. The Toyota FT-86 concept was showed off by Toyota and from the looks of it, the magic could be back.

Like the older model, it will have light-weight body with the engine mounted in the front. A 2.0-litre engine will power the rear-wheel drive, the horsepower rating on it still a mystery. A six-speed manual will be fitted on all of them. They will get 19-inch rims with 225/40 size tyres on them.

This model is hoping to bring back the glory days of the Supras and Celicas. And if Toyota have learnt their lesson with their current issues, it certainly can.

What do you think?



  1. thats a really funky design so unexpected of a Toyota!!..

  2. hey y these guys always give a small 2.0 l engine


  3. It will release in 2012!!! Can’t wait that long! =[

  4. Should give a triptronic or DSG.. with options like Launch control !

  5. nice one………..

  6. Wow! At last, something refreshing.Owsome design.Great job!Its time to kick some ferrari butt!

  7. I hope they have a manual model and an entry model for this market… This might be a turning pt. for toyota… & probably the return of its sport cars..

  8. I dont give a damn about the design but like the drift capabilitiesit has.

  9. having a firrari with camry engine !!!!! i dont think its such a good idea

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