Toyota RAV4 2011 gets a new face

Toyota RAV4 2011 gets a new face

To keep things fresh ,Toyota has unveiled a facelifted version of their RAV-4 crossover 4×4 at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show.

The new model, dubbed as a 2010 in Europe and a 2011 for the rest of the world, has only been released for the European market so far, with its own set of fuel-sipping petrol and diesel motors. It is speculated that the GCC market will simply get the carryover 2.4-litre 4-cylinder from the outgoing model.

Changes only include new bumpers, lights and wheels, as well as some possible interior trim updates. It is about time for an all-new RAV-4 model, but given Toyota’s current situation, that will likely not happen for a while.

The RAV-4 is one of the few Toyota models that isn’t caught up in the recall fiasco, but indeed needed this re-freshening. Keep track of UAE prices and updates in the Toyota RAV-4 buyer guide.

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  1. I have actually started to pity toyota with all of the bad press they’ve been receiving recently. But even with the sympathy, I still think this thing is tasteless and boring. The front is an eye-sore. the current rav-4 looks pretty stylish but now they’ve messed it up.

  2. It’s almost like they’ve pasted a mixture of the Corolla and Camry front ends onto a old Rav4….ugly!!!

  3. My trust to Toyota is gone. I don’t think now I have cash to test my luck on getting a car with no recall from Toyota. I am happy on spending my money on a second hand with a good history.

  4. doesnt that look quite Audi’ish?

  5. i think this one is gonna be next recall for toyota

  6. What is wrong with Japanese designers, first mitsubishi took new lancer nose and stick it in front of outlander, now toyota took corolla nose and stick it in front RAV 4

  7. I think the new design will grow on people, eventually the car will be a success in our markets.

  8. it doesn’t looks like a real molding as if like a different pieces stuck together

  9. It will be a success alright. But its only cuz of the badge.

  10. the front looks like VW touareg somehow…

  11. looks like a rabit…. loooooooool

  12. Looks like 4×4 Corolla

  13. Don’t care about toyota anymore, toyota instead of making new cars, fix the ones with cheap parts PROPERLY!

  14. Well at present the Rav4 in KSA for the base manual costs 73k riyals and the top end 95k i still feel people can opt for it instead of camry specially the base if they need space and don’t mind off roading unless they add 2k and go for fortuner 4×2 or 12k for 4×4
    Lets see how much his will come for!!

  15. ***** i’m sooooo disappointed that rav4 looks like this!!!! its so ugly shape, i better to go with cr-v looks better. sorry for toyota but this is not a shape of the rav4 dreamers……….
    to bad……….

  16. ^ cr-v is a little girly dude.. sorry to say that… but its true… Morever .. if you look at the interior of the RAV4 you will see a diff lock switch located on top of the start/stop button and look at that ground clearance. This would mean that Toyota have meant to make this more off road capable.

  17. I think it is beatiful and refreshing. I love it. It looks better than the CR-V. Does anyone know when it will be on sale?

  18. thn front bumper and light is not maching for rav4…poor

  19. Toyota is running out of luck in designing cars. better for them to shift in manufacturing motorcycles. Good Bye toyota.

  20. Toyota, honda, kia,

  21. when will it be availavble in GCC?

  22. the front new front is better than before but waiting for an all new rav 4 is disappointing compairing to kia sportage or hyundai tucson

  23. Their designs r losing taste and their build quality is slowly getting surpassed by Hyundai..

    & for those who think toyota is the biggest crappy carmaker on earth now! Please educate yourselves a bit further about the nature of the recalls reported and the history of automobile recalls before you judge anything…

  24. i like to see anew rav4 2011 with 3doors.iwill buy ASAP .Answer me if it well be avilable

  25. the pricing of rav4 is in between corolla 1.8 and fortuner 4×2 base

  26. i bought one new but after i read all this i fell bad because noboday say good for the shap

  27. Just bought one new Rav4 2011 2wd. Better handling than a fortuner!

  28. Hummm just looked at some 2011 models here in the US and they definately dont have this facelift look eactly like 2010 , maybe 2012 ?

  29. I’m not saying it’s fantastic, but it looks much better than a CR-V. Witha a 6cyl engine it will be great. It looks practical also. About recall, here in Kuwait I haven’t heard about any model, noting that every vehicle comes from outside. Honda, ford and infinity had recalls recently, why no much talk about that? It is a serious issue but there is no meaning in scratching a scratched surface.

  30. Lot of retards here!

  31. to me nice aerodynamics the only the probelm is the engine to small for GCC nationals. Not enough power to compete with subaru.

  32. I am looking for a brand new RAV4 2011, actually i like its shape / designs.. but all above comments makes me to think.. is there anyone using RAV4 2011 in UAE to share about the advantages / disadvantages of this new model?? their experience with this..

    thanks in advance.

  33. Nothing I could say… It’s beautiful!

  34. One thing left with Toyota is its nameplate ‘Toyota’. Till it fades, people will go and buy whatever the scrap from release Toyota.

  35. wondering, if rav4 2012 model will look differently than previos models, im planing to change my rav4 2008, is thre ant changes in the shape of this car?


  37. Nice car and lovely price

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