BMW 5-Series Touring wagon for 2011

BMW 5-Series Touring wagon for 2011

The 2011 BMW 5-Series Touring station wagon has been revealed. As always, wagons have been a staple of the 5-Series line for decades since they are popular in Europe, but not anywhere else.

Initial engine options only include the 204 hp 2.5-litre inline-6 in the 523i and the 306 hp 3.0-litre turbo inline-6 in the 535i, as well as a host of diesel engines.

Externally, the Touring looks as expected, appearing identical to the sedan in the front half, and having a cargo-hauling unique design in the rear half.

The 2010 BMW 5-Series is supposed to be on sale in the GCC soon, although the Touring isn’t expected to be officially offered for sale in the UAE. That niche is being filled by the bulbous BMW 5-Series GT. Keep track of price updates and specs for the sedan line in the BMW 5-Series buyer guide.

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  1. this thing actually looks good for an estate.

  2. This looks far better and more purposeful than that GT.

  3. It looks good, but I was wondering if these cars still have a market share with the presence of all these SUV’s!
    These family cars made sense in the 80’s when the current SUV’s didn’t exist. Nowadays we have the X3, X5, and X6 to compete with this car from the BMW stock alone.

    Nice car no doubt and worthy of the BMW badge, but if I was a buyer I would go for the X5.

  4. ^ at hassan… you cant compare or compete an SUV with an estate wagon.. but i your statement would be correct if you were talking about crossover for example….

  5. to BFJ….
    I guess you are right about crossovers; but still an X5 or ML would make more sense than buying a luxurious estate wagon like this.
    Anyway, they still have market for these type of cars in Europe, but to a much lesser extent in the States.
    We rarely see these cars on our roads.

  6. i think this wont get popular in the GCC

  7. Do you wanna know why does KIA is starting to look like Audi & Volkswagen?
    Because Peter Schreyer, the ex-head designer for Volkswagen AG, is now the head designer for KIA.
    It’s obvious that Peter Schreyer made a huge enhancement in KIA’s designs

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