Honda Odyssey and Mitsubishi Galant recalled

Honda Odyssey and Mitsubishi Galant recalled

The American-built Honda Odyssey is turning out to be rather problematic, as a U.S. recall for brakes is issued. Also on the recall path is the American-built Mitsubishi Galant.

Alongside the U.S. recall, the UAE dealer for Honda has announced that a limited number of 2007-2008 Honda Odyssey models are subject to a service campaign due to an issue with “air entering the Vehicle Stability Actuator (VSA) modulator resulting in a soft brake feel.” The service campaign is limited to only 245 units in the UAE. The dealer will contact the owners of the affected minivans and invite them to bring their vehicle in to complete the approved repair.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi has issued a U.S. recall of 2,307 US-built Galant models from the 2010 model year. The recall is due to “insufficient plating on the automatic transmission oil cooler pipe assembly, which may lead to corrosion. If the pipe develops a hole, transmission fluid could leak, creating a potential fire hazard if there is an ignition source.” U.S. dealers will inspect the aft oil cooler pipe assembly and replace it if they find it has insufficient plating to prevent corrosion. This service will be free. The UAE dealer, which ships in Galants from USA, is quiet on this, but corrosion issues should be limited in this region anyway.

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  1. Welcome Mitsu to recall season. What Galant only, we expect more…

  2. any other jap automaker left out??? oh yes, Subaru!!! 😀

  3. mm mm mm … another one bites the dust …. ;P

  4. one thing common in the recalls made this year is that most of them are American built cars

  5. i am doubting that there’s an issue with my Accord 08’s brakes. Every time i go to the dealer i complain to them of the screeching sound . they just clean them & charge me AED 150. I guess the dealers are useless or they are hiding something.

  6. @S2000
    I agree with u S2000… but other than that the car is awesome… because my brother owns Accord 08 and the same thing here (screeching sound when u brake but not that much)

  7. i have accord 09 V6 I still dont have tht issue with my brakes. and its an awsome car to drive. go to honda dealers and just yell on them. thats da only solution 😀

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