Nissan NV powerful U.S. vans for 2011

Nissan NV powerful U.S. vans for 2011

Nissan is going to start offering their new range of 2011 Nissan NV work vans in North America. There are three body styles, but more intriguingly, there are V6 and V8 engine choices.

The new NV commercial range includes three variants – the NV1500, the NV2500 HD and the NV3500 HD. The last two models will also be available with a ‘High Roof’ body which allows for more cargo space and allows a person to stand up inside the van while loading. The NV1500 comes only in the ‘Standard Roof’ body.

The cargo area of the NV will be 3060 mm long and 1790 mm wide. The ‘Standard Roof’ variant will have 1400 mm of cargo height while the ‘High Roof’ model will have 1940 mm of cargo height.

All models will be made available with a choice of either a 4.0-litre V6 or a 5.6-litre V8 engines, derived from the Nissan 4×4 range, and mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. Features include a durable floor, wide-opening doors, various rack options and all the safety features expected of a modern vehicle.

The 2011 Nissan NV will be built in the United States. It is unknown if these vans will be offered in the UAE and other GCC countries, where the cheap-and-cheerful Nissan Urvan is already offered.

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  1. Can’t be made uglier, even if they tried!

  2. ^ it can be made uglier. this actually looks pretty good comparing to other commercial vehicles.

  3. Author

    Look at the engines. Easily quicker than any Pathfinder or Armada, given the lack of an interior.

  4. ^^^
    the same idea..this with the V8 can make troubles for altimas V6 and what in its level…

    hope nissan in the future will launch a sunny with V8 power hehehe

    thanks mash for the report

  5. jus like how the Hiace gives massive competition to sedans with similar engines, including it’s own younger bro, the Camry!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. its actulay look more like a american van… it reminds me of ford or gmc maybe.. im sure it is designed also in america and not only constructed there..

  7. this if launched may join the recall season since its an american built

  8. the whole damn nissan line-up sold in DUbai comes from US. [save for Sunny, qashqai and maybe tiida]

  9. This is a another patrol in cheep form…same v8 engin and front body…

  10. LOL, Its the japanese who are having a big affair with recalls now.

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