BMW 5-Series 2010 in UAE & Middle East dealers

BMW 5-Series 2010 in UAE & Middle East dealers

The all-new 2010 BMW 5-Series, redesigned from the ground up and based on a shortened 7-Series platform, is now on sale at showrooms in the UAE and other GCC countries.

The 2010-2011 BMW 5-Series will enter the Middle East market with one V8 and three inline-6 engines. The top model is the BMW 550i powered by a 407 hp V8 with BMW TwinPower Turbo featuring High Precision Injection.The straight-six with BMW TwinPower Turbo, High Precision Injection and VALVETRONIC in the BMW 535i delivers 306 hp, while the two straight-six engines offer 258 hp in the BMW 528i and 204 hp in the BMW 523i.

Some of the wide range of sophisticated driving and comfort features offered in the new BMW 5 Series include Dynamic Drive Control with four modes: comfort, normal, sport and sport +; Comfort Start; Head-Up Display; Multi-Channel Audio System, Rear Seat Entertainment; Four-Zone Automatic Air Conditioning and BMW iDrive control.

BMW ConnectedDrive also offers a unique range of driver-assist technology functions for enhanced comfort and safety. For the first time the new BMW 5 Series comes with a Parking Assistant, an optional feature that facilitates the process of parking; Active Cruise Control , Surround View and Rear View Camera, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Warning and BMW Night Vision with pedestrian recognition.

Keep track of further specs and price updates in the BMW 5-Series buyer guide.

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  1. they’re running out of creativity
    this one looks similiar to the 3 series from the front

  2. ugly piece i would prefer eclass over this ..eclass looks much better even the led in the front

  3. 528i is available for around 230k, dealer didn’t have a test drive vehicle still..visited last week, though old stocks are on real good deals..

  4. BMW has its own niche in cars. Their designs may appeal to a few people but those, to who it does, see them as the trend setter in automotive design. IMO, they look unique.

    So styling aside, where is the panoramic sunroof? There are a number of econo-level cars like Ford and hyundai-Kia offering panoramic sunroof in their cars! More importantly, its arch-rival E-class also has it. its quiet a trendy and appealing feature.

  5. Any news on the new m5?

  6. Yes, I have some news for the new m5 it’s going to be 4.4 v8 twin turb @ 570 hp (release date I don’t know but expect it to come during the summer)

  7. Is the X5 due for a revamp as well or is it still a good time to buy one?

  8. More jokes from Top Gear crew then.

  9. dont compare the E- class wid the 5 series.
    e class is a piece of shit .. the rear looks sooo chinese and the interiors look korean .
    the 5 series has a stunning interior wid a good looking rear .. the front isn’t bad as well.
    but what beats all these r the jaguars — XF as well as the soon releasing XJ — stunners !!

  10. This is a nice Car and will give Mercedes a tough competition.

    I disagree with Vivek about the E- Class, it is one of the best cars in its class if not the best, you need to be in one to see how good are the Mercedes interiors and how good it handles!

    The BMW 5- Series and Mercedes E- series are the best in the world in their class. In the next few years they will dominate the roads all over the planet as always the case. These two cars will set the trend for the whole Auto industry over the next few years in this category.

    I don’t agree about the Jag’s, these cars appeal to certain tastes only and always become dull very quickly.

    Time well only tell….

  11. Amongst the German competitors:

    No.1 Merc E Class 2010
    No.2 BMW 5 Series 2010
    No.3 Audi A6 2010 (I find this boring really)

    Now, would be interesting to see a duel between the 2010~ E63AMG, M5 and the S6.

  12. mercedes is the best company ..before getting 2010 sclass we bought 740li.everyday there is someproblem in bmw but since we bought mercedes is has no problem.and has better quality material better interior and better image of luxurycar

  13. ^ What are the chances of finding two Asads who are Merc Fans 😉 .. hehe

  14. Nice, more people might like this design compared to the outgoing model but, the front could be a lot better!
    Anddddddd, I like the engine options. 🙂

    Peace 🙂

  15. boring exterior

  16. ya we are 2 asad and both are fans of mercedes…double thunbs up mercedes

  17. err .. have ne of u seen the upcoming jaguar XJ ??
    How could u say tht they get outdated ???
    its lyk the car frm a generation ahead .. not only by looks but by design too.
    as for tht beemer – merc issue..
    we own a 08 bmw 7 series .. well .. its been awesome !! no problems at all..
    as for the glitches mentioned .. well .. u cant just round off a whole brand just 4 one car.
    i still think merc designers hav lost their creativity… wt the hell hav they done inside the c and e classes ??!!
    beemers have stunning interiors ..
    audi is ageing 🙁

  18. My father had a BMW 7 series for 2 years. It gave us problems with in the second year of ownership. Most of them were covered by warranty but it was a nuisance for my father to renting out a car almost every second week. Anyways we sold it and had almost given up on German cars but we still went ahead with the Mercedes S Class. I’m glad to report that were extremely satisfied with our decision. The car is flawless and oozes of German Luxury, Quality and Technology.
    BMWs have the technology but they lack reliability. No offence to the BMW fans, I was one too but I changed sides.

  19. again .. tht was just one car.
    my relative owns a c class and they say they’ve had enough wid it .. it seems to be horrible.
    the AC is totally down and various other problems ..
    every brand has its own downsides.

  20. im actually a merc fan..the only ting i dint like abt the new e class is jus the rear view..otherwise the car is perfect wid de interiors well designed..
    the new bmw is not as gr8 as expected.

  21. looks like a war btw merc and bmw both has its pros and cons, a base 5 series comes with more option than a merc e series base option, such as rear view cam in bmw but merc comes with out it, xenons in bmw and merc again with out it (these options are available at little extra cost)for the same price.. merc is definitely known for the reliability but many dealers offering 4 years warranty brings the same deal where you do not have to pay a penny for the first four years of maintanence exept break pads and tires so both works out to be the in the market bmw is a still better deal for the same price.

    where as the exterior and interior styling is considered my perception is that bmw 5 series over takes merc e class in this case again its my own view so not necessary every body thinks the same.. both these are best in its class, and definitely the world’s best machine to drive, the bios towards the make of every indvidual will make them to vote for the bmw or merc..

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