Kia Cadenza 2011 on sale in the UAE

Kia Cadenza 2011 on sale in the UAE

Though already shown extensively at previous launch events, the UAE dealer for Kia officially launched the all-new Cadenza at a dinner event in Dubai this week.

Advertised as a 2011 model, the new Cadenza is an entry-level near-luxury full-size sedan, more in the vein of the Toyota Avalon than the Lexus ES 300, judging from the interior materials.

The standard engine for the UAE will be a 286 hp 3.5-litre V6 with 338 Nm of torque, with power sent through the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic.

We’ll have a first drive of the sedan within a couple of days. In the meantime, check out the ridiculously artsy photos of the Cadenza in this never-before-seen gallery. More info are in the Kia Cadenza buyer guide.

What do you think?



  1. Can I come along for the drive…??

  2. it looks like lexus ls460….

  3. very nice looking car. gr8 work KIA

  4. Author

    check your email, chunky.

  5. It looks good and so do the pictures. Just saw an ad in the paper today. This must be the first Kia here to get more than 2 airbags. to be specific, it said 8 airbags.

  6. in the ad it was 290 hp….any news about the price…i am sure its gonna be a value for money car…

  7. Author

    Their press materials mention 290 PS, which is really equal to 286 hp. I somehow knew they’ll just advertise it as 290 hp eventually.

  8. hey guys, I just saw one in Abu-dhabi…
    it’s amazing from the front that I thought it’s another brand ( I thought it’s lexus as people said above) it’s damn cool from the front and the rear is acceptable for me …

    nowadays, korean are beating japanese in terms of designs 🙁 I never imagined that one day!!

    I hope japanese designers wake up soon before people starts looking down on them..XD…

  9. Can I come along for the drive?? (i did not get any emails) 😀 😀

  10. and send me an email as well before you ever plan to post up “So we got a Ford Focus RS500” 😉

  11. ok so will buy this?





  12. i guess the the attitude of the ppl living in this part of the world hasnt changed much towards the Korean cars….after all those recall mess still an average UAE resident wants to buy corolla, camry or prado….korean cars are nowadays as good as japanese and european cars in design, technology and safty….

  13. Author

    Cadenza drive over. They had like 25 cars to play with! I had one for myself, and ran my business via my Bluetooth headset throughout the trip. More soon.

  14. @zao

    i think it is more to do with dealer attitude… KIA dealers are more lame than Galadari..

    i still remember going to the showroom the staff seem so uninterested in selling the car. i asked them about a feature than honda had (i forgot what) the told ” if like honda so much buy that!”…. what a turd

    KIA needs to dump that loser dealer give to a more professionally managed out fit, if they ever dream of selling in any significant numbers.

    toyota sell also bcos it;s dealers are average, not great but ok.. just tolerable

  15. I like arabian automobiles dealers.

  16. Korean cars are being designed in Europe for many models, so they had a Europian taste.

    Toyota and Honda are more focused on the U.S. markets who had different taste in cars (they just want bigger cars whether boxy or not).

  17. i guess the kia and hyundai sales ppl in abu dhabi is really good…they r really helpful…my friend drives azera n i am planning to get genesis coupe this yr….

  18. really looks great, i will by one for my self in begining of 2011 .

  19. Dear Zao,

    I appreciate your view on the Korean cars, but many people, have a different view, from their personal experiences (including financial burden) by opting for a Korean car, so you have to excuse them for holding onto their views.

    In my view, Korean cars have come a long way from where they’ve begun, but I still think they have a long way to go, to match up to Japanese / European Producers (except a handful of lousy Ones).


  20. Hi all,
    im planning to buy the full option KIA Cadenza. Let me know about user reviews, the resale and of course the spare parts

    looking forward for your guidance on this one.

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