Ferrari 599 GTO is fastest Ferrari ever

Ferrari 599 GTO is fastest Ferrari ever

The all-new Ferrari 599 GTO, a long-speculated version of the existing 599 GTB Fiorano, has been unveiled, and is the Italian firm’s fastest road car ever. It is an exclusive limited edition special that is based on the 599XX, their experimental track car which was shown at recent auto shows.

The 599 GTO is reserved for just 599 possibly-existing clients. Powered by a 670 hp V12, the GTO is capable of a 0-100 kph time of 3.35 seconds as well as a top speed of over 335 kph. That makes it faster than the Ferrari Enzo.

The 599 GTO is equipped with new lighter carbon-ceramic brakes, new aerodynamic innovations such as the wheel doughnuts which increase aerodynamic efficiency as well as improve brake cooling, and Supersport tyres developed by Michelin include a wider front tyre for greater roadholding.

The 599 GTO’s engine is directly derived from the 599XX unit with road-going mods. The 6.0-litre 65-degree V12 engine punches out 670 hp at 8250 rpm with maximum torque of 620 Nm at 6500 rpm. The car also has a racing-type intake system with a new manifold with diffuser-type intake geometry and short inlet tracts designed to improve power delivery at high revs and reduce losses. The engine sound inside the car is carefully controlled to balance the intake sound with the exhaust. The 599 GTO also features lower 60 millisecond shift times via the clutchless manual, with the possibility to make multiple downshifts.

Apart from new springs and a stiffer rear anti-roll bar, the car also features a second-generation magnetorheological suspension control system, possibly bummed off of General Motors as before. The suspension works in tandem with the Vehicle Dynamic Control and latest-generation F1-Trac traction control.

Reducing weight was a vital objective and the result was the widespread use of composites and components manufactured with technologies more akin to racing specifications. The areas involved include the bodywork and greenhouse with thinner-gauge aluminium and thinner glass, brakes, transmission and exhaust system. The result is a dry weight of 1495 kg.

The 599 GTO’s aerodynamics have benefited significantly from Ferrari engineers’ experience in F1 and with the 599XX which allowed downforce to be greatly increased without impacting on drag. Thanks to solutions transferred from the track car to the road-going version, the GTO generates downforce of 144 kg at 200 kph. The entire car was honed, including the front, the sides, the flat underbody and cooling flows. In the latter instance, the GTO can count on improved ducting to the brake discs and pads, and the adoption of wheel doughnuts – a disc positioned outside the brake disc that ensure that hot air exiting the wheelarch stays as close to the body of the car as possible to reduce drag.

Work on the nose of the car was aimed at reducing the width of the wake generated by the front and thus reduce drag. Parts include a front spoiler with separate lower wing, a new sill design with a more pronounced leading edge, lower front section with diffusers ahead of the front wheels to optimise downforce, and a new double-curve rear diffuser.

The GTO’s front tyres are now 285/30 on a 9.5-inch channel with 315/35 on an 11.5-inch channel at the rear for the 20-inch rims.

There are various electronic settings to choose the best setup for any specific track. The ICE position on the 599 GTB Fiorano has been replaced by CT-Off (traction control off). The GTO is also fitted with longer carbon-fibre F1 paddles. In addition, the GTO also features the Virtual Race Engineer, a system that monitors the status of the car and gives the driver immediate visibility of vehicle performance.

After all that engineering work, the Ferrari 599 GTO is, again, one of those cars that will likely spend its life in some collector’s garage.

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  1. Given a choice, Ferrari or a Sexy lady….
    My obvious choice would be former 😉

  2. this new 590 GTO Ferrari has a great design and also has an outstanding speed with a lot of control and capacity. The engineers of Ferrari have created a new evolution of Ferrari and it has progressed within time.

  3. @ Ahmed
    I’d take the Ferrari 599 GTO too, the sexy lady in the passenger seat would be the standard perks upon ownership of such a vehicle 😉

  4. The GTO is one Hell of a Ferrari.!.! Awsome specs tooo.!.!

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