Volkswagen Phaeton 2011 redesign rocks China

Volkswagen Phaeton 2011 redesign rocks China

Volkswagen chose to launch the all-new 2011 Volkswagen Phaeton at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show in China. Boasting a complete redesign from top to bottom, the amazing Phaeton is sure to dominate the luxury car market with its mind-blowing styling and insane performance.

Major changes from the previous Phaeton include a new grille, headlights, tail lamps, wheels and…a new grille. (Psst…you said that already…)

Major interior changes include Google Maps for the navigation and now includes Bluetooth support for all the phones that it previously didn’t support. (That means more than just Nokia this time around…)

Other new tech features include road sign recognition, lane change assist, turning HID headlights and automatic emergency braking. (All already in use by blind BMW drivers…)

Available in two wheelbase sizes, the Phaeton can be had with a 280 hp V6, a 335 hp V8 and a 450 hp VW12. (Geddit? No?…)

Expect the new model to take UAE and Saudi roads by storm, just like the previous model did. The Phaeton was the last VW we drove before they pulled the plug on us back in 2006, for being too insignificant to bother with. Funny how things change.

Keep track of prices and updates in the VW Phaeton buyer guide.

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  1. I’ve never seen a more radical design change ever….looks like a completely different car….

  2. err .. its still a volkswagen priced at an S-class range .
    and wts so different bout its design .. ?

  3. Author

    ^ You need to be sprinkled with VW magic dust to see it.

  4. Apart from the Golf models, VW cars seems to age very quickly. Look for example at a 3 years old passat or others, these cars look very old and dull.

    VW cars simply don’t have the appeal and the charm of the likes at Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

    They seem to try so hard, but never been able to produce a well designed middle size or big luxury car like the other German brands.

    The only winners at VW are the Golf and Polo; sorry but this car will have the same fate like the previous one.

  5. Not as radically different as one would have liked. Still retains much of its boring design cues.

    A far cry from giving any competition to S-class, 7 series or even its cousin, the A8.

    Too pricey for what it gives in return!

  6. Watsh modil golf 2010 thes modil pater or baed

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