Infiniti G35 2005-2006 recalled for airbag fault

Infiniti G35 2005-2006 recalled for airbag fault

Nissan’s luxury arm Infiniti is recalling 134,000 G35 sedan and coupe models in the United States. The recall covers 2005-2006 model sedans and 2005-2007 model coupes, and involves potentially faulty airbags.

According to the U.S. NHTSA safety agency, the recall is due to a wiring harness that could wear out over time, interrupting the electrical signal to the vehicle’s airbags. If that situation occurs, the airbags might not deploy in the event of a crash.

Nissan has yet to announce the official details of the recall, including when a fix will be available to U.S. dealers. No injuries or crashes have been linked to the recall. Ask your local Nissan dealer for further details, as the recall apparently affects about 350 cars in the UAE, or about 1250 around the GCC.

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  1. Someone said on this site:

    “If the car ain’t recalled yet then don’t buy it”

    Seems to be very true!

  2. Can an airbag sensor be disabled and the on board computer not give an error code? Who would be able to bypass this system so that no error code is displayed when airbag is disabled

  3. US NHTSA… meh, i dunno how they notice all these faults and i dunno how many times they turn a blind eye over certain faults…
    All I see, and this is an opinion awaiting approval, is them scaring Americans to buy Domestics and they are darn easy to scare..

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