Citroen Metropolis concept for Shanghai show

Citroen Metropolis concept for Shanghai show

Forgotten French automaker Citroen will be showing off a concept car at the 2010 Shanghai Auto Show later this month. Dubbed the Citroen Metropolis, it seems to be getting a lot of press for the way it looks.

Unfortunately, Citroen’s past efforts at creating anything larger than a hatchback have always been rather awful. A car as long and low as this, and as fancy as its 460 hp hybrid powertrain is, the Metropolis is unlikely to make it into production, although a few styling cues might make it to those aforementioned hatchbacks.

What do you think?



  1. Wooooo S&S (Sweet and sexy!!!!)

  2. Lovelyy front .. rear is weird !

  3. Well it looks more elegant that an 7series or an S class combined..

  4. It combines power, beauty, individualism, difference of being, confort. This is Citroen.

    hoppefully not finished in China… that would be a disaster.

  5. this design philosophy is amazing… citroen got the equation right at last… but any plans to make it real production car?

  6. extraordinary look I m sure this car ll compete the Rolls Royce Ghost.It is also good looking than & series & S class as well I ld love to buy it Plz tell me wht ll be its price

  7. It’s confirmed – it’s going into production.

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