Hummer H3 recalled due to loose bonnet vents

Hummer H3 recalled due to loose bonnet vents

General Motors has announced a U.S. recall on Hummer H3 models manufactured between 2006 and 2010. It is possible that the recall only affects American-built vehicles, as GCC-spec H3 models were built in South Africa since at least 2007.

The H3 models have a plastic panel of fake bonnet louvres that could come loose over time and detach from the vehicle while driving. The tabs that hold the louvres in place have been found to break, causing vibration that can lead to total separation.

The U.S. NHTSA is warning H3 owners to be on the lookout for any vibration of the louvre assembly, as that may be an indicator that a failure is likely. A total of 162,000 Hummers are covered under the recall, and General Motors says that technicians will apply an adhesive for free, to keep the louvres from coming loose. Owners in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries may contact their local Hummer dealer for more information. Incidentally, Hummer is taking its last breath as its Chinese sale didn’t go through and the brand will be shut down, with models already being out of production. GM promises to offer spare parts and service for the next 10 years.

Update: About 3,500 Hummer H3 and H3T models will be recalled in the UAE alone, which means all 2006-2010 GCC-spec versions are also affected.

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  1. Mash, you do realize you could open up a seperate column now, titled “Recalls” or “Another one bites the dust” .. right after Popular Stories ;P

  2. Author

    I’ll use the poster for the movie Total Recall in my next recall story, if there is one.

  3. 1) hahahahaha Total Recall.
    2) Hummer make up artist gone wrong.
    3) what to do with hummers after 10 years?

  4. Shame to hear they’re shutting down 🙁
    Well, the H2 will forever live in my heart as my favourite fuel guzzling beast.

    They should have carried on with the H2 trend instead of going with the lame H3, imo.

  5. Which Loser gave me that -ve points?

  6. @sting 316…how did u know it was me??

  7. LOL = Loser only Loser

  8. Seems like recalls are the latest craze in the car industry 🙂

  9. Next recall will be due to falling front glass, or lights……………

    This is supposed to be one of the strongest cars on road and yet body pieces are falling by itself!!

    what a joke…

  10. It’s a minor thing to worry about, a daily simple check up may be enough, at least it’s not as serious as the faulty stability control in the prado 2010 or the sticky paddle in other toyota models and other brands

  11. ^ aaamohammed in disguise as RS

  12. I sooo want to get a Hummer and they are doing a deal now. Does anyone have any clue what happens after ten years and there are no parts or service? I know getting a hummer brand new, it will depreciate like crazy and there will be no resale market. So i plan to keep it for as long as i can.

  13. thats 1 thing falling off… aside from the plastic panels of the dashboard and the trail of bolts and nuts its leaves as it drives on the road… & they ask why everyone still prefers uglier cliché cars like the prado or pajero…

  14. I had a H3 2006 model which I traded in for a 8 seater GMC yukon Denali. Maan, I really miss my H3 it was a true cruiser with the head turning factor thrown in as a freebie!!

    Long live Hummer !! Well as long as they can !!


  15. i lost bonnet vent(chrom hood/louver) while driving on emirates road. Police hase issued report for that accident.
    Liberty automobiles declared out of stock. Any one can help the availability in Dubai/Sharjah.

    • Author

      If a visit to Sharjah’s First Industrial Street (also known as BMW road) does not help, last option is to order online from any U.S. parts site.

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