Nissan Patrol 2010 tested by tour operators

Nissan Patrol 2010 tested by tour operators

The local dealer for Nissan organised an event for safari tour companies in the UAE to thoroughly test the all-new 2010 Nissan Patrol in the local deserts. Dubbed regionally as the ‘Hero of all Terrain’, the 2010 Patrol just recently went on sale on April 1st at showrooms across the UAE, and Nissan seems keen to make tour operators replace their Toyota Land Cruisers with Nissan Patrols.

Arabian Automobiles, the exclusive dealer of Nissan in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, organised the day of dune-bashing for tour companies to test the off-roading capabilities of the vehicle. Since its global world premiere launch in February 2010 in the region, the new 7th-generation Patrol has been “reviewed by media experts and Patrol owners praising the vehicle’s high standard of quality and technologies and for its specific suitability to the region thanks to the more than 13,000 hours of testing in local deserts conducted by Nissan engineers in the new Patrol’s development phase.” Don’t quote us on that though, because we haven’t even touched the steering wheel yet.

Since going on sale on April Fool’s Day this year, Arabian Automobiles has delivered more than 450 units of new Patrols, well in excess of the company’s original sales volume projections. Technically speaking, it should also be a good desert-safari vehicle, given its new-found spaciousness.

The 2010 Patrol now uses a world-first Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC) suspension system for ultimate roll control and stability off-road or on-road. A new All Mode 4×4 system also allows traction to be optimised for sand, road, snow and rock conditions. A new 5.6-litre direct injection V8 engine offers best-in-class power and torque, and yet with better fuel economy is fitted under the bonnet. A new 7-speed automatic transmission with Manual Shift Mode and a Multi-screen individual rear seat DVD system and built-in cool box are also available on the specification list.

It may be a case of too much technology to do something that requires nothing more than four big driven wheels, a lifted chassis and an engine. Because our contacts within the safari industry are reporting some hilarious outcomes during this event involving some upside-down confusion. We’ll let you picture the rest.

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  1. Both Patrol and Seqouia 4×4 “test” articles dont give any indication of their off-road capabilities. I was hoping for some more in depth testing and clarification on which one is better suited for off-road and desert use while taking their size in consideration, instead of a overview of their specs and storage space:-(

  2. Author

    ^Who cares about that stuff?

  3. Thumbs UP for this SUV………

  4. Jaco..the sequoia’s article is an initial impression of the story..pls read it till the end!!! where it says,,MORE IN THE FULL REVIEW!!!

  5. if ur gonna take a car worth more than quarter million dhs for dune bashing good for you

  6. @richy rich

    The car doesn’t get hurt in the sand… in fact, going over a speed breaker at high speed will cause more damage.

    If you put a fool in a car – whether on road in a nissan sunny or off road in a Patrol – you will have a costly outcome.

    Better to learn how to drive and ensure the safety of your investment, your life and others too.

  7. @richy rich,,landcruisers do it all the time so why cant you take this on the sand??they cost almost the same..

  8. Spyke..they are just blowing up… i think it will settle down amongst the crowd, just like other 4×4. I remember seeing just 2-3 xteraa’s a day a year back, now you can see them everywhere.

  9. Mashfique, interesting read, thx!

    any idea whether (and if when) they launch a v6 version which is price-wise closer to the 150k. range?

    thanks for advise

  10. indeed, jake.

    i was wondering whether you guys have any updates on this? is there a v6 version coming in thr UAE for 2011?

    cheers, m

  11. Author

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