So we got a 2010 Toyota Sequoia 4x4

So we got a 2010 Toyota Sequoia 4×4

The Toyota Sequoia caused a riot among faithful followers of the Japanese brand when they released this behemoth in two-wheel-drive “city SUV” trim last year. The big guy had been on sale for years before that in the United States, being built there too. But once the recession hit, America’s new-found focus on “green” cars meant that excess supplies of the truck started being sent here. And now it is finally being offered in offroad-capable 4×4 form.

The Sequoia is massive. Plucking massive! Even Lexus Land Cruisers were going around us and giving us space.

Its size was a major issue as we drove it around on the first day. But we got used to it. Eventually. Some people call this truck ugly, but we’ve always thought it looks suitably rugged. From the front at least.

From the rear, it looks more docile, but there is at least a big “4×4 iForce 5.7L V8” badge to forcefully grow some hair on the driver’s chest. Soccer moms included.

The huge dashboard is all hard plastics, which is why the Sequoia is cheaper than the Land Cruiser, but well within the standards set by the Chevy Tahoe and the Ford Expedition. It is American after all. That nav screen was a long reach for us midgets.

But the Sequoia was built for space. And there is no shortage of that up front.

If the front was as spacious as an apartment, the rear is as spacious as a plucking villa!

Not surprisingly, the third row can fit adults too, with half-decent access behind the sliding captain’s chairs.

And even with the third row up, there is enough space for a small suitcase or two and with the powered third row folded, a small coffin or two. The second row also folds flat.

And that really is the Sequoia’s calling card – storage. Beyond the regular storage areas, there are a ridiculous number of storage cubbies, enough that a newbie can keep his iPod in one compartment and not find it for days. First of all, there are two cup-holders up front, and a third one if you remove the ashtray. Alongside it is some sort of file holder under a cover.

Then there is the tub under the foot-wide central armrest, with movable trays and enough space for gallon bottles of Coke. Didn’t seem refrigerated though. Also see the complicated lid, with labelled spaces for business cards, a pen and even a box-cutter. No kidding. There is even a picture of a box-cutter there. Haven’t they heard that box-cutters went out of style after 9/11?

All the doors have two bottle holders each, alongside the low door pockets. The front doors even have little drawers.

The rear central armrest has a compartment under it, as well as two cup-holders and a tray ahead of it.

However, opening that same armrest from the rear reveals a deeper tub, with its own tray for separating the apples from the oranges.

Below the rear a/c controls is yet another storage drawer.

Even the plucking third row gets pockets and two cup-holders on each side!

The IKEA-like versatility of the Sequoia is impressively overwhelming. Toyota has devised ways to extract every bit of practicality from its King Kong size. We’re pretty sure we could’ve kidnapped some camels if we really wanted to. And it has more than enough power to haul it all. More in the full review.

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  1. Thanks for the great write-up! It’s both funny and informative.

  2. with so much space and storage cubbies in hand, its more of a high powered caravan. 😉

  3. Really interesting review and vehicle too, and lot of good options too…. seems to be perfect family car, provided you are able to drive this thing from office to home, hopping around malls without scratching the front and rear bumper regularly. I like this 4×4.

  4. Its Huge Its Massive… Actually bigger than GMC & Tahoe….

    Its wonderful truck….

  5. “Plucking”?!?? 🙂

  6. Author

    ^Go pluck a chicken, you.

  7. Plucking Pantastic Review

  8. Its a plucking store room !! Drivers with short hands will require some kinda sticks to reach the A/C and radio controls.

    And what the hell is this “4×4 iForce 5.7L V8?badge forcefully growing some hair on the driver’s chest. Soccer moms included. EEwww !!

  9. ^imagine plucking sarah palin with chest hair 😀

  10. That’s one of your most hilarious reviews!!good was not too close to the car on the divider else would have been “Plucked” for sure!!!! 🙂

  11. coooool

    whats the price tag on the 4×4 version?

  12. just found it in the separate section, thx.

    nice ride, but patrol appeals more to me

  13. in Large Apartment like 4×4
    With reliability Sequoia is like the Tiger/Lion and earlier the chimpanzees Yukon, Tahoe and Sub-urban ruled the jungle…

  14. so this is the first thing i read on this website and i must say i really like u guys are funnny and u keep it simple

  15. Hi Mesh!

    I am still waiting for full review or Road Test……. Where is it man???
    I am anxious to read it…

  16. Author

    Haha, of all cars. I’ll move it up the queue for you.

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