Nissan recalling Armada, Pathfinder, Xterra & QX56

Nissan recalling Armada, Pathfinder, Xterra & QX56

An Associated Press news report states that Nissan will recall 48,700 truck-based SUV models for a suspension problem that could lead to a harsh ride. The recall, which is slated to begin by next week, includes the 2010 model-years of the Nissan Titan pickup, Pathfinder, Armada and Xterra, as well as the Armada-based Infiniti QX56.

The recall is related to a suspension control link that may not have been welded properly. If the weld is insufficient, the bushing collar could crack, leading to hard ride quality.

Once a recall is officially announced by the U.S. NHTSA safety agency, Nissan will provide a free fix to customers. No accidents have been reported as a result of this problem. Owners in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries will be affected, as all these models come here from the United States.

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  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH,, no ,,,

    till now my pathy there is no problm i face, but may be aging will cause, i wll check my pathy for the nag…

  2. Not a major problem, will not cause accident atleast.

  3. feroz bhai…… at least you are SAFE!!!!!!!

    no unintended acceleration………. 😀

  4. MASH….finally the Total Recall poster has been recalled. Nice touch!! Why don’t you add a another tab next to News which reads Recalls. What say fellow Drive Arabians 😉

  5. Never felt anything said in this recall in my Armada. But I don’t have to care much the Arabian Automobiles take care of everything perfectly. Including recalls and vehicle maintenance excluding car washing.

  6. Here in Jeddah i hav done 2 services on my pathy
    1000 & 5000 k

    on both the services apart from oil / filter change, Al Hamrani did car wash, and inside cleaning, (which toyota didnt do to my previous pathfinder)

    the other interesting thing is after the service , next day a guy calls me from Nissan and asks how was the service and am i satisfied, and any thing i need for any sort of improvement or any inconveniance,,,

    the after service and after sales is very good here, and i am satisfied from Nissan Saudi arabia,

    thanks to AlHamrani – Nissan.

  7. Is it just me? or apparently there was not this much recalls from car makers throughout the history of automobile??? Where is quality control?

  8. @ ROJ…. I think the recession has forced them to slow down and look behind if the products they are selling are any good.

  9. I think they thought they could get away with alot of things yet it back fired… The build quality of cars have improved over the decades but they are cheaping out with alot of plastics and they are introducing things you dont really need in a car which affects its reliability on a long run and makes it unnecessarily expensive, sure safety features improved but who the f**k needs a dozen of airbags really??..
    Of course im talking here about “mainstream cars” not luxury ones so that i dont see some random idiot just jumping here and posting something like “Yeah? well, buy something u can afford, i dunno what, jackass!”…
    Plus the huge demand and mass production they just build cars like yalla! yalla!! yalla!…

  10. Plus their passion to cut costs to make room for special features and specs cannot be accepted anymore.. I would ditch a hard plastic dashboard with a push button ignition and steering wheel controls with paddle shifters over a genuine soft touch dashboard with none of the above… But apparently it sells or is it that we dont have much of an option in this market…

  11. @ROJ, one can draw comparisons with today’s cars and cellphones. An average Joe just calls, clicks, listens or sends messages over his/ her phone. One is paying for features which are not used or they are blocked if you dont cough up the dough (in case of BB and IPhone).


    What a 4×4!! Powerful and quick of the mark if you need to with all 291 HP and Torque you need in the sand.

    Only had pleasure using mine. I have not had any harsh suspension problems but will take the vehicle to the Agent for checking and repair if required. Yes this is not a soft ride but then it is a true 4×4 the best in class.

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