Ford Explorer 2011-2012 photo on the net

Ford Explorer 2011-2012 photo on the net

This image of what looks like the next-generation Ford Explorer is doing the rounds of the internet. While many believe it is the real deal, we believe it is simply a manipulation of an existing spy shot. Even then, based on the spy shots, this is likely identical to how the new SUV will look like. Said to be debuting in early 2011, it could either be badged as a 2011 or a 2012 model.

The 2011-2012 Ford Explorer will be losing its offroad abilities as it switches over from its existing body-on-frame chassis to a unibody based on the Flex crossover. The Explorer itself will become a tall crossover, but will retain some sort of “terrain control” system that seems to be lifted straight from former division Land Rover, along with a bit of their styling.

New Ecoboost engines are speculated to include a 230 hp 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder and a 300 hp 3.5-litre V6, with the introduction of a new dry-clutch auto-manual gearbox.

Expect the new model to reach UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries by the middle of 2011.

For the latest UAE prices and GCC specs of current models, visit the Ford buyer guide.

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  1. whats the whole point of havin this alongside the Flex??

  2. ^ to phase out the flex cuz its too ugly to be a car? rather looks like a pimped out school bus..

  3. Because, Explorer looks and is a proper 4×4 and Flex is a van with good nose. Explorer name … sels. Ford can sell 200 Explorers for every one Flex that it sells in UAE, thats the difference and image Explorer holds in minds of people.

  4. the new explorer has got the Fusion grill..but they should have stuck with 4×4 option as its one of the USPs of the explorer..overall engine options should help sell this more compared to the underpowered previous models

    flex on the other hand looks like a great option for families who are not looking for a 4×4 option with a lot of space and cool features inside.

  5. I believe the point of this model was to sell fords. After listening to customers it currently sells to with some success

  6. Explorers sell coz they hav always been good and “PROPER” off-roaders which is affordable and value for money..but how exactly is this gon’ off-road other than probably hittin the trails leading to hatta pools and mebbe some beach sand?!!..and what else do they have for the mid-size SUV segment – which I believe is currently a segment where Ford is popular enough!

  7. so.. Ford Explorer 2011 vs GMC acadia 2011…. anybody can help me… im into buying one in december, and still not figured out what to pick…. needs ideas..

  8. GMC Acadia sucks! It is overheated easily! I don’t know about this new Explorer..?!

  9. ^ i think GMC acadia is better, been arround for a while peaople got to know it, and this explorer still didnt get people attention here and still need time for people get to know it and build there opinions on it…. even though it is promessing, but at least wait for a test drive or consumer reviews and then compaire between both acadia or explorer…

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