Volkswagen Polo 2011 gets the boot in Russia

Volkswagen Polo 2011 gets the boot in Russia

While the boring 2010 Volkswagen Polo hasn’t been launched in the UAE yet, to our limited knowledge, the People’s Car manufacturer has unveiled a sedan variant of the Polo. The resulting design mess is so unflattering that they quietly launched it in Russia in front of 200 guests.

To be built in Russia for that market, the Polo Saloon is powered by a “new” 1.6-litre, good for an outdated 105 hp, and mated with a 5-gear manual or a 6-gear automatic.

In the face of stunning new designs by Hyundai, Ford and many others, the less said about this car, the better.

Keep track of the delayed release of the new Polo in the Volkswagen buyer guide.

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  1. Looks like the VW design department used the Toyota Echo as an inspiration.

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