Ford Fusion 2010 investigated for pedal-jamming floor mats

Ford Fusion 2010 investigated for pedal-jamming floor mats

The U.S. NHTSA safety agency is looking into complaints that the floor mats on the 2010 Ford Fusion, and its deadbeat Mercury Milan twin, are jamming the accelerator pedal. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. This is the same paranoid issue as the Toyota floor-mat recall that blew up into a worldwide fiasco.

However, only three complaints have been registered so far, not now, the NHTSA isn’t taking any chances. A grand total of 249,301 cars are being investigated over this potential problem, and only Ford’s all-weather rubber mats involved.

A U.S. Ford spokesman clarified that the NHTSA’s investigation relates to instances where the optional all-weather floor mats have been stacked on top of the factory-installed carpeted mats. He even says that Ford’s all-weather floor mats have instructions printed on the top of every driver’s mat. So it would seem that people in general are just too stupid to read. No recalls have been issued so far.

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  1. the twitter and facebook share buttons are a great feature…thanks mash…

  2. I have a Ford Fusion 21010. I first noticed my car had an issue in April. I was behind a truck and it was slowing down so I stepped on the break. I took my foot off the break and the car accelerated by its self. I was in KY over the weekend and noticed the car speeding up into passing gear after I stepped on the break. I get home from KY and find a recall for a transmission issue. I did not report the problems I was having to the dealer because I saw what the media did to owners of Toyotas saying that their foot slipped off the brake and on to the gas. I took the car to the dealer for the recall issue this past Tuesday. It was noted I was the first to report that the car accelerated by itself. I’m not sure if I fall into the stupid category or not but I did notice in the paper yesterday that floor mats maybe causing the accelerating issue. Who ever said this is really the stupid one. And please do not blame this on driving habits I’m averaging 25.1 miles per gallon. Do I trust my car with only 4100 miles on it? Would you?

  3. Hi,

    I am actually planning to purchase a ford fusion 2010, The only thing that worries me is the transmission problem that has been reported. Has there been any report of bad transmission here in the UAE. Hope you guys could enlighten me on this matter.

  4. Author

    ^Seems there was a recall for that too. New cars should be fine (in theory).

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