Honda Accord 2011 sedan & coupe get a facelift

Honda Accord 2011 sedan & coupe get a facelift

The American-market Honda Accord has received a facelift for 2011, which amounts to little more than a nose-job and a bit of fiddling with the tail lamps. Engine choices and transmissions remain the same, although a few bits of equipment have been added.

Still offered with a choice of carryover 2.4-litre 4-cylinder and 3.5-litre V6 engines, the sedan and the coupe apparently get better aerodynamics, aiding in improving fuel economy slightly. Other U.S. upgrade items, such as navigation, rear-view camera and such will likely not be offered in GCC-spec models, which should reach here by the end of summer. The Crosstour, just launched in the UAE, will remain unchanged.

For further updates, keep track of the Honda Accord buyer guide.

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  1. i think the V6 version gets a 6 speed automatic….

  2. Author

    6-speed manual on the coupe, as before.

  3. Ugly as ever. The recent C&D comparison of Accord and Sonata clearly puts Honda in its rightful place. I urge every reader here to go check it out. Its a great article citing why Honda has become boring in recent years from both inside and outside.

  4. yeah its manual…lol i got mistaken when i read about paddle shifters….

  5. i saw this accord with same tail lights in dubai…

  6. The 2008 Honda Accord sedan here in Philippines looks exactly like that(talking ’bout the tail lights)… Well, except for the new grill 🙂

  7. over price car for 85k…

  8. ^ I have to disagree .. the price seems fine for a Japanese built executive saloon/coupe. The price for the UK built Civic hatch back is crazy.

  9. ^ lol, it ain’t a executive saloon/coupe 😛

  10. this version v6 not attractive to much from exterior. I think its door is of power.
    Its head lamps will like audi or bmw 6 sereies

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