Mercedes-Benz CLS 2011-2012 spotted in Dubai

Mercedes-Benz CLS 2011-2012 spotted in Dubai

One of our readers, Nabeal Malik, spotted this 2011-2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS prototype filling up at a petrol station in Dubai. The next-generation CLS-Class has been spotted in Dubai before, undergoing hot-weather testing, but this time, it has distinctly less camouflage than before, as the final body styling has already been finalised.

German tuner Lorinser has already released sketches of what their tuner version will look like, presumably adapted from insider images of the real CLS.

Another of our readers, Kamran, also caught the CLS prototype near a shipping yard in Dubai again, apparently after a frontal smash.

Indeed, the front remains a mystery.

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  1. I saw the same car 3 times in karama itself! It was a filipino guy who was driving.. I tried to stop him and ask him more bout the car.. but was unable to 🙁 Nice looking car anyways 😀

  2. Ugly .. mercedes is losing it !
    specially wid the rear .

  3. Both Rims are totally different..

  4. WELL THIS SUCKS !!! BMW all the way!!!

  5. im planning to buy cls350amg and it looks fantastic if u wanna see the picture go to and cls350amg expected price is 360000dhs and the car will we avalible from november

  6. The other day I saw the new mildly-camouflaged CLS near my work place which suggested the testing didn’t go as planned. The rear was OK, looking great as in the petrol pump picture above. But the front had apparently been rammed into a wall! Was probably being shipped back as it was within the airport facility. Anyone interested to see the pic?

  7. Author

    sure, send it over. Email is ‘pr’ at this domain name.

  8. mashfique pls go throught this website u will see fully uncover car

  9. Author

    ^Saw it, buddy. They are photochops, but indeed based on spy shots so accurate enough.

  10. Just saw one near my house…undamaged

  11. How many of them are here?!

  12. Author

    Always saw two of each Mercedes prototype here, driving together. C-Class, E-Class, E-Class Cabrio. Haven’t seen this one though.

  13. Saw a covered up hatchback recently…not sure what car it was though….

  14. @Faisal I had seen the same arnd Burjuman couple of weeks back..seem to be a philip/chinese kinda a driving it..couldnt take photographs..was heavily covered..a tall hatch..

  15. I saw New Armada.. Maroon Color near Airport tunnel.. It seemed as if it’s built on Nissan Patrol’s Platform !! 5 Stars for it !

  16. Author

    ^You probably saw the Infiniti QX56. Armada’s been cancelled.

  17. Some weeks ago I had a chance to check out the CLS 2011 test vehicle upfront. The test driver demonstrated some really neat features on the vehicle such as auto park assist, ie. you switch on the assist function, drive past the parallel parking space (in between of two vehicles which the CLS sensors will automatically pick up) brake and let go of the steering, accelerator and brake pedals. The CLS automatically reverses, maneuvers and slots itself in between the space available. He did show me some new additions such as the revised headlights which are now complete LED including low and high beams. The interior trim was simply gorgeous.

  18. Exclusive new video of the all-new 2012 CLS-Class, featuring music from Toronto based artist, TEDD

    & another…

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  20. Does anyone have an update if the car is now available to purchase in Dubai?
    Is pricing confirmed?
    What engine variants will be offered in Dubai (MB is releasing engines CLS250, CLS300,CLS350, CLS500, and CLS63)

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