Mini, Convertible & Clubman 2011 range all facelifted

Mini, Convertible & Clubman 2011 range all facelifted

The entire existing Mini range has been facelifted for the 2011 model year, including the Convertible and the Clubman. Available from September in Europe, the changes relevant to the GCC are cosmetic only, as the petrol engines are carried over unchanged.

The updated 2011 Mini features new bumpers, a different air intake and reshaped fog lights. Other changes include new headlight units with optional adaptive HID, LED taillights, restyled wheels and an updated exterior color palette.

The interior receives a revised centre console, redesigned steering wheel, six new upholstery choices, various cabin trim colour choices, and a new computer that is internet-capable, as ridiculous as “browsing while driving” sounds. A new “Inverse” colour option with be available for the John Cooper Works model, with a red roof, black wheels, red interior trim and black seats.

Keep track of UAE prices and GCC specs in the Mini buyer guide.

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  1. JCW looks nice….accept mini is way too over priced

  2. I rented one for two days back in Kuwait… it cost me whats equivalentto 900DH…(450DH/day)… very expensive

  3. ^ and that was the old shape (early 2009)….

  4. This car is a waste… It looks stylish and fashionable but its over priced and its running costs and maintenance is like that of a mid size luxury saloon I can get something more sportier, more spacious for the same price..

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