Tesla Roadster 2.5 gets 2011 upgrades

Tesla Roadster 2.5 gets 2011 upgrades

Niche American electric carmaker Tesla is on a roll, having made a deal with Mercedes-Benz, taking over a former Toyota factory and launching a successful IPO. They’ve now launched a new version of their only current model, the US$100,000 Roadster, at an event in Britain. The latest version if dubbed the Tesla Roadster 2.5, and comes with trim upgrades to lift it above its status as a rebodied Lotus Elise.

The 2011 Roadster now features a slightly-redone front end, restyled wheels available in silver or black and a modified rear diffuser. Inside, the cabin has better sound deadening, better seats, and an optional 7-inch navigation system with a back-up camera.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, says these improvements are a direct result of customer feedback and they will also offer existing customers the ability to purchase the upgrades for their Roadster 1.0 and Roadster 2.0 versions.

There are no plans to offer the fully-electric Tesla Roadster in the GCC.

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  1. I read sometime back, some local company(Aabar mayb) owns shares in tesla motors… isnt it ??

    surprisingly, they aint bringin in here :S

  2. Author

    Aabar (I think that’s the right one) owns shares in Mercedes-Benz, and Merc bought shares in Tesla. No direct investment.

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