Peugeot 508 2011 first photos released

Peugeot 508 2011 first photos released

Peugeot hasn’t had the best of luck with sedans. While their hatchbacks are selling well, both the 407 and the 607 sedans are pretty much midsize sedans, the first one a bit cramped and the latter a bit outdated. But the French company has been working on an all-new model that will replace both of them, and have a new name too. Thus, the first photos of the all-new Peugeot 508 has hit the net.

Not much information is available on the 508 yet, other than the fact that it is based on sister company Citroen’s C5. It will likely share engines with the 308, among them a range of superb 4-cylinder turbo motors. Peugeot has only confirmed, for Europe, a Hybrid4 model with 200 hp and all-wheel-drive.

The 508 will come in sedan and wagon body styles. It is expected to debut at the Paris Auto Show later this year, and will likely reach the UAE and other GCC countries by winter.

Keep track of further updates in the Peugeot buyer guide.

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  1. the front headlights reminds me of the Accord… does any one sees that, its clear to me in the upper right pic….

  2. I like it… Looks more mature than the other clown faced pugs..

  3. Drove the Citroen C5 – 2.3l in China a couple of months ago, has very good road manners. If the interiors are the same as C5 than it should be a hit. Follow these links for Citroen C5 pics

    Exterior –

    Interior –

  4. No, it is not like accord, I think it is more closer to the new maxima somewhat but any way, the car looks very good inside and out, I liked the exhust tips and the side mirrors, the rims are cool too

  5. @ Shibu… you are right, the front head lights does look like the one used in the older accord shap,..

    @ ROV… it does actualy,..

    @ KVP… Thanks for the infos,..

    @ Samer… nothing maxima about it,..

  6. this thing is very cool in my taste… and yes the front headlight does in fact reminds me of the older accord…

  7. Well, the lights are not from Honda Accord, they’re just an interpretation of Peugeot 307 and 407 lights both which predate the slant-eyed Honda Accord.


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