UAE increases petrol price by 20 fils per litre

UAE increases petrol price by 20 fils per litre

Back in April this year, the UAE government had announced that they were killing the subsidies on petrol prices in the country because the fat-cat oil companies were whining about so-called losses. Back then, they said the price of a litre of petrol will only go up by 15 fils. Today, local news outlets are reporting that an increase will be implemented from July 15th onwards, and it will go up by 20 fils per litre.

That makes filling up the petrol tank about 14.5% more expensive.

Petrol retailers in the UAE, such as ENOC/EPPCO and Emarat, have always claimed that they buy petrol at international market rates and therefore make constant losses due to the government price cap, earning money only via additional services such as car-washes and mini-marts. Only Abu Dhabi, via ADNOC, refines their own crude oil for local sale.

We believe the UAE now has the highest petrol prices in the Arabian Gulf region, well above that of Iran, Oman and even Yemen.

What do you think?



  1. what’s the actual rate?

  2. Author

    I have no idea. Neither do the papers.

  3. its already 1.63dhs per liter. now 1.83litres..!!

    means 1.83 multiply 55litre of tank wud now cost a fraction less than 101dhs. that wud result in an increase of 10-13dhs per fill up now…:(


  5. Thieves !!!!

  6. More rise expected in future! even if its produced here.No point of comparing Singapore price of 2.16/L

  7. ^ @ MySchizoBuddy
    the actual rates, (globaly) by OPEC for the barrel of petrol is 74$…. but localy its about 114$..

    Robbers and thieves………..

  8. ^ P.Shibu.

    I understand the OPEC rate at $74 is for a barrel of crude, rather than refined petrol.

    Still, I hate the raise.

  9. Solution, drive less, ask for your company to pay you fuel bills, be stubborn… We also have the right to be greedy…

  10. am going to sell my ss 🙁

  11. ^ better to keep it but only enjoy it in the weekends… and you can get a new economical car, say like civic… then when all other people sell thier cars, you’ll be one of those so caled (enthusiasms) or (collectors)…


  12. Now Al Futtaim has a reason to increase the price of the Toyota Yaris – it’ll probably go for AED60K now 🙂

  13. Suggestion, would you please run a comparison between other GCC countries.

  14. Author

    ^I think that’ll get me deported.

  15. I dont like this country anymore…suck the juice out of the expatriates…

  16. The money flow – thats the only motive, juice it or extract it, real estate sectors are down, now the only way is fuel & adding another 50000 Toll gates. Parking fee another option.

  17. Why they do not allow ADNOC form Abu Dhabi to open stations in Dubai and sell petrol all over. Then there will be no increase as it is refined inside the country

  18. yah if it happened then i will not go sharjah to fill my landcruiser before when the petrol was cheap my landcruiser fulled tank at 150dhs bt then later when it increased 15 fils it fulled 175dhs and now it it fulls at 200 dhs 😛 too much increased price i wish they bring adnoc to dubai cause if i go to sharjah and come bck 10dhs petrol goes on a lancruiser i wish petrol bcomes as cheap as saudi arabia

  19. Somebody has to make money!! and its not going to be me for sure!!

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