Porsche angry over Nissan killer ads in UK

Porsche angry over Nissan killer ads in UK

Porsche is apparently threatening to sue Nissan in the United Kingdom over an ad campaign attacking the performance of rival German brands, also including BMW and especially Audi. It seems Nissan is also using marked rival cars to roam the streets.

Britain’s The Guardian says that Nissan’s very public outdoor ad campaign uses lines like “How to beat the Germans”, “The Germans Came Off Wurst”, “Kaisers Chiefed” and “The Winner Hans Down”, next to claims that Nissan’s sports cars, the 370Z and the GT-R, outperformed German rivals in various races at the Nürburgring racetrack in Germany.

Those door markings are done in the style of classic fighter planes, where pilots used to mark their kills on the plane’s body. Porsche is complaining over the unauthorised use of their logo, but it looks like Audi should be crying more over losing the most number of times.

Nissan is also driving around an Audi TT and a Porsche Cayman in public with messages such as “More Expensive. Slower And Less Powerful Than a Nissan 370Z” pasted on the cars.

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  1. “looks like Audi should be crying more over losing the most number of times.”
    Audi has more cars than Porsche that become ‘prey’ to Nissan’s sports cars. Porsche’s tally is lower cuz they have fewer cars i guess.

    PS: Just talking about this as an ad and dont mean to undermine the respectable Porsches nor am i speaking in favor of Nissan’s sports cars.

  2. they (Japanese) have to spend another 1000(hopefully!!) years to beat German.

  3. this is the time of the asian people by by europe forever

  4. fazley rabbi , are u ok??? They already beaten them !

  5. ROFL, kudos to creativity juices of this ad makers. Lets not fight over some ad boys!!!

  6. They japanese have proven that you can still manage to build a brilliant car that is much cheaper and more reliable and does its job quite as well as the rival models that sell twice or trice the price.. rather than an overpriced heap of european cars that only sell cuz they have a fancy badge and fancier pioneering technology that start going insane and cause issues as soon as the warranty is over… Im not being harsh or jealous here but lets be realistic..

  7. ^ absolutly right.. you took the words out of my mouth… Salute to you…

  8. Oh yeah, because $400,000 for a Lexus LF-A is so much cheaper and better performance wise than Lambos and Ferraris. If you tell me that the 350Z, 370Z, GT-R and LF-A are better looking cars than its European counterparts, then you are a fool and have absolutely no taste in cars. I admit the GT-R is exceptional with relation to its price and performance but overall the Japanese still have catching up to do. Either way I have American muscle in my blood so I couldnt care as to who comes out on top in this battle. And at the end of the day no matter how much Lexus charge for the LF-A, they still can’t remove that badge.

  9. ^ :), calm down buddy… chill out… the heat of the summer starts to have an effect on you….

  10. I think it doesnt take a genius to notice that the LFA is a failure in design, performance and price so i wouldnt take that as choice to compare.. And yes the 370z looks quite original and sharp and does its job as well as a Z4 and costs slightly less and is cheaper to maintain than that Z4…
    European cars are overrated, im not saying they dont have their good cars and of course sexy designs but comparing things with a blind eye and saying this is good cuz its an audi or a bimmer or a ferrari is foolish… Plus isnt the porsche boxster a dumb looking hair dresser car that costs more than a 370z and is a killer to maintain and service…
    How many times do people drive back to BMW and Audi dealerships due to some electronic fault or problem? How many times do seats and VW owners report problems in their DSG gearbox systems.. Do you really need to pay alot for such technology that is difficult diagnose and end up failing before the warranty is over? Some of their cars are really over priced and over rated and lots of competitors are managing to offer competitive cars for less… European car makers should offer more reliability for the price.
    And since u got american blood id personally take a Lumina SS any day over a V6 audi saloon that would cost more and would cost me shitloads to maintain not to forget about issues that audis have in their electronics and the camshafts of their V6 engines, i wouldnt want to live and face any of these.. FYI im talking about documented recalls…
    As european car makers claim they are ahead and pioneers in the automotive world they should manage to get over these small things that make a huge difference in the ownership of their cars so pardon me if i got a shitty taste in cars but id like to be realistic and know im making the best out of the money i spend on getting a car…

  11. Yes Calm down…..

    I think this american muscle which is supposedly in your blood 😉 is not able to tolerate the heat….

    Get it modified to GCC specs…. at-least the radiator will be big and will keep you cool….

    😉 🙂

  12. LFA? why did you chose the LFA this car was a failure in design, performance and pricing…
    The 370Z would be much cheaper than the Z4 or the 6 cylinder porsche boxster which are its rival models and is much cheaper to run and maintain than those cars, specially the boxster which is infamous for its pricey maintenance even though they call it the poor man’s porsche.. Plus the porsche boxster is one of the dumbest designs porsche ever introduced, it looks like a gay hairdressers car.. European cars are overrated when im dumping shitloads of money on investing in a car to serve on the run i look at it as a whole… Oh and since u got american blood, wouldnt it be wiser to get a Lumina SS rather than an audi a6 which would cost twice the price and wont even offer a v8 option at that price range? Along with the fact it will be keeping for you a future of mysterious electrical faults that even the dealer here is not competent enough to diagnose? or even the engine’s valve and camshaft problems audi is famous for? which could force you to buy new ‘camshafts’ to fix it…
    When VW/AUDI introduced the DSG gearbox, woow cool technology cuz were to lazy to drive a proper manual car!! People bought the cars and payed extra for this technology now see how many people with blown gearboxes, overheated and defective units went back to the dealership… Not the mention the shameless faults that porsche has in its cayenne from problematic drive shafts, and the sloppy carbon fiber panels on the doors that come off on the heat..
    Oh and what about BMW’s revolutionary VANOS system in their engines that must be prone to failure and costy to fix as you will need an engine rebuild… Just like any other european manufacturer with VVT problems..

    So in the end of the day i tell you european cars are overrated cuz when i pay this much money i expect the basics in reliability to be fulfilled unless you want to view them as holding a Gucci and LV bag then its a different story… Other carmakers are managing to reach and compete with the figures that european cars achieve yet for a fraction of the price and i wont regret that cuz i know im paying less and getting more in so many ways… I rest my case…

  13. ^^^^^ I think that (Kevin) already took his lesson now… he will not do the same mistake again…

    @ ROV.. I think its YOU now who is overheated… go have some icecream..

  14. Sorry double post… i thought it wasnt posted last time.. but i wanted to prove a point, Nothing personal… I getting a shot of JD anti-freeze as we speak…

  15. Yeah no lesson learnt, I didnt make any mistakes to learn by. I stand by what I say. It’s my opinion. I’m not out to judge anyone, to each his own.

  16. I’d pick my Mustang, one of the SRT-8s, a CR8 or any other American muscle car over any of the Japanese and European cars out there because I feel they’re more thrilling to drive and they’re simply more beautiful. But as I said…to each his own.

  17. Im speaking about facts… I will agree that europeans have an orginiality in their designs and quite a high quality standard in their interiors that others dont.. Yet i wouldnt stick to 1 side of a story each one has its pros and cons and i wouldnt judge something without knowing and understanding it completely… I expressed my opinion based on personal experience, other people experiences and official reports…
    I wouldnt buy european? No i wouldnt say so but whether its euro car or a jap car or a US car id chose each with care and knowledge that im doing the a wise choice… Thats a gap most buyers here dont carefully think about..

  18. Well Germans gave the car industry many inventions-
    such as diesel engines,4 wheels in a car, halogen head lights, seat belts, four wheel drives, crumple zones, ABS, variable valve timing etc. There would be many more than i don’t know but if one was to count, the Germans would win hands down.

    Japanese car are always built to a price and feel that way. Commonly people how buy Japanese cars just see the car as a transporting device however there are a lot of finer points to a car German cars are superior in built and a lot of attention to details.
    Lexus is one Japanese brand that has become very successful because initially it was built to a cost and competed on price with the Germans. Once it became popular, it hiked its prices and now follows German manufacturing philosophy.
    Recently, as lot of Toyotas were recalled and the problems were due manufacturing defects of the accelerator pedals. This is something that can never happen in a German automobile especially a premium brand. Does anybody remember the last time any german brand had such a massive recall.
    Japanese cars are for price conscious buyers who just care enough for transportation. Now the Koreans and Chinese are catching up on the Japanese playing by rules that the Japanese had made. In time the threat posed by these upcoming manufacturers will be more to the Japanese and Americans than the Germans.
    Wait and See.

  19. Unfortunately other mainstream car makers manage to build cars that still cost less and give alot for the price and manage to sell quite well aside from that fact germans are pioneers in the auto world..
    Remember the 90s when the build quality of BMWs and Mercedes didnt differ much than that of a VW??
    Their golden age was in the 80s when they developed new technologies never seen before and have made a bigger name and a new era in the auto world, i mean nobody forgets but times are changing and they should work harder cuz other mainstream car makers are starting to work harder and grow bigger and it seems i could get a car that has all my BMW needs to at least a minimum for 1/2 the price and a fraction for the running costs..
    Yes i still would pick the 370Z over the Z4, porsche boxster or the Audi TT as a premium RWD roadster it does its job quite well making those cars a big shy.. It is 1 vital proof that yes as a Nissan it manages to do the job better competing with cars of its class for a good price, with less complex technology and more reliability; it is a bargain..
    I respect and honor the heritage and revolution european carmakers have done in the car world they have shaped what cars are now in many ways but times are changing, tho BMWs will still sell no matter what because they are BMWs.. One example, Look at japanese carmakers, sure they had a massive recall too bad shit happens, but most if not all european carmakers have issues in their VVTi systems since they 1st introduced them in history while japanese who are relatively new managed to perfect and build a reliable VVTi system with a little bit of thinking and originality and managed to sell it for the masses and still it runs with reliability better than BMWs VVTi systems which are prone to failure on the car’s mid-life and require a whole engine overhaul to fix up..

  20. @ ROJ- I agree and accept your observations relating to your personal choice of brand. however there are a few observations in your comment which are interesting-

    1)”Main stream manufacturers sell quite well” it is because they cater to masses and are volume players. they can not charge a premium as high as the Germans because nobody will pay it.

    2) “A BMW will sell no matter what”- indirectly speaking you have accepted that German brands command premium and will sell just by virtue of their name. This premium and brand image has been created because of their superior build quality and engineering.

    3)”The issue of recall and shit happens”- The last major recall that you were talking about for the BMW “VANOS” was done for because their was no problem with the technology but the bolts that were used for the engine cover and the camshafts were faulty. The Toyota recall however was much more serious as a US State Ranger and his family lost their lives because of a stuck accelerator pedal. Also the electronic of the car did not allow the car to slow down. Such cases were reported in large numbers and this recall was even applicable to some Lexus models also. Then in between all this a leading US Auto magazine labeled a new Lexus model as “unsafe” to buy (based on the new Prado), until Toyota and Lexus fixed the problem.infact the US government even fined Toyota.
    Not only Toyota had recalls but Nissan did recalls for its altima and some other model also.

    So my friends two things are clear- one that German cars demand a premium and if people pay it, it is because they are worth it. unlike, the econo Japs.

    Secondly the golden age of the German Cars is not over as during the recession all German brands witnessed an increase in sales and all Jap manufacturers excluding Honda saw sales drop. (The Korean brigade however witnessed their biggest jump).
    This proves that the upper and lower brands faced no problems in the market but it was the “in betweeners” that felt the recession and are more prone to cyclical market risks.
    Your reply please.

  21. @ pt. 1 & 2.. Totally agree, they sell because they are BMW even if they sell u a useless vehicle like the 1 series it still sells cuz of the badge..

    pt. 3 Untill today, german cars like VW and Audi and im not sure if BMW still suffers from Vanos issue yet some of the previous models still produce that annoying booov noise at their mid-life; have proven that their Vvti need isnt that reliable.. Most of them suffer of valve clearance issues in mid-life…
    Im fully aware of the severity of the recall toyota have done yet this has happened in the past with other carmakers also..
    Still even if Germans demand a premium and people pay plenty for it; doesnt mean they build perfect cars, sure they focus a whole aspect that other carmakers dont think of such as the design philisophy, quality finish (though i will slightly disagree with this as the build quality in most of today’s cars is almost the same, even some mainstream cars are as genuine as the BMW), performance (some carmakes like i said before managed to smartly and effectively produce cheaper, less complex cars that match with standards)..
    Im talking basically about the product that is provided to us in the end.. As an avg consumer that can afford a BMW, i personally have seen and made my mind based on experiences, research and comparison.. My conclusion is dont get too taken but the technology or the badge… In several cases it is overrated.. Though BMWs will still sell cuz they are called BMWs and generations have been raised to look up to this brand no matter what they produce…

  22. I think both, German and Japanese cars, are very good cars but they have different styles and suit different needs…I prefer German but Japanese are more economic and cheap…away from both, I adore the range rover sport….

  23. dont know how some of you compare germans with japanese on technology. those dumb japs (toyota & nissan) both are recalling thousands of cars with basic problems like brake, engine, steering…what the hell..how you guys think them as car manufacturer??? they can make toy – not cars. and for price – our life is more precious then japanese shitbox..

  24. ^ i think they did a deadly mistake they’d want to think of never repeating again… I mean this recall is no match to what kind of recalls Ford and GM had through out history and how many people fell victims to the problems their had in their cars.. This was a disappointment from Toyota to do such a deadly mistake.. Plus if you will know better how come a japanese shit-box is compared to a german technology if you read the whole blog properly…

  25. To all u loons talking over here … lumina is australian !

  26. https://shortest.link/7d5Z

    Just another example of a German car beating a cheaper Japanese brand (premium mid size sport sedans.

  27. Author

    ^Weird comparo, that one. It seems the Audi won ONLY because of steering feel, of all things. Personally, I’d take a powerslide-capable rear-wheel-drive BMW or Infiniti over a front-wheel-drive Audi with heavy understeering all-wheel-drive tacked on.

  28. I have a lot of love for 350Z… or the 370Z for that matter…

    Nissan definately have good sports cars – no doubt about it (So have the Amercians, Italians and the Germans). We can do on trying to proof who is better – obviously each has their own strength.

    I must admit that I have lost a lot of respect for Nissan with such ads…

  29. Author

    The 370Z has been reviewed as being as good as the Cayman. I think Nissan really needed to point out that they have a world-class sports car, and this is the most direct way to do it. Consider the fact that most car companies here think DriveArabia is smaller than AutoMiddleEast, even though the last audit said we got 165k users and they got barely 10k. Sometimes you really need to hit people on the head with facts.

  30. ^… realy?..165K.. proof it… ;P

    PS. what are the chances of have one visitor using multiple nicknames…

  31. Hey nobody talks about how offending american car ads are? Remember the caddilac STS-V (a sexy car) starts scaring hordes of BMW and Merc sedans in a TV ad?

  32. First wourld guys bragging about this and that! take the darn toys to the test then you will see that each has its qualities. Any way here i Africa we buy and punish them and the Japs are reliable and economic, Germans performance and expensive, Indians practical and the Dutch.Americans have the touch in show off vehicles but they dont last but are the best in space and comfort….

  33. say what you may nissan is and always will rule there cars are better looking, cheaper, and faster then your dads audi tt

  34. ^ Well said… Germans over do things… Back in the days they did alot of revolutionary things in the automotive world but now? They just ran out of ideas they dont even know what gizmos to stuff in their cars anymore..

  35. ROJ, what planet are u from??

    ur probably from a country that doesnt even produce any cars. german car makers are still setting the tone when it comes to design, safety, technology advancements overall. there is no other country even close to what germany does for the automobile industry you fool!

    LED, airbags, smart lighting, diesel technologies, to mention only very few..

    but please go ahead and continue to drive ur south korean piece of high-tech..

  36. ^ really? do i really need a BMW Z4 or an Audi TT to call it a real car… I dunno how is a cheaper, less technological 370Z manages to rival with these cars for a fraction of the price and twice the reliability and without the need of an Einstein mechanic to keep it running…
    How come that a f**king Lexus LS460 managed to be sell compared to the Audi A8 and the BMW 7series for less the price and double the reliability? and yes it is much more reliable and quite and excellent car that Lexus..
    But its a BMW and even if they sell me a rubbish and useless and pointless pile of scrap like the 1-series its still a BMW!! Lets face it very car maker is good in something but nobody can be said to be the ideal…

    But wait!! BMW has LED! (cool), I drive (avg consumer doesnt even understand it), anti-feline wheels (so dogs dont piss on your car), the Mini (over priced, over expensive, overrated)… To name a few of the useless stuff they are doing now.. & That’s only talking about BMW here..

    Please, read the whole thread, please! before you post..

  37. ROJ, you gave it a shot to argue properly, so kudos.

    but with all respect, why is a 1-series crap compared with its asian (size-wise) competitors?!

    fair enough, i regard this as a flattery from you people from (automobile high-tech wise) voteless parts of the world!


  38. ^ Voteless parts of the world… Thats a good one… You people are just damn hilarious… Probably as overrated as your cars?

  39. Weighing all the pros and cons of various inputs that people have put in. Let us make clear and put things into perspective.

    As far as technology and innovation is concerned there is none better than the Germans. They introduced and perfected state of the art technology in cars well before anybody even thought about it. But unfortunately they rest too much on their laurels (Brand name), making this technology quite un-user friendly and un-affordable so the general population does not even know that they innnovated and introduced these features.

    Japanese are very good at copying and modifying the German technology and offering it to the public in user friendly and affordable package.Japan is the master of miniaturising and making technology cheaper.

    Let’s give each of them credit for what they deserve and not reprimand them or criticise them for their failures.

    Germans bring innovative technology but it is the Japanese who market and sell this technology by taking it to the customer.

    Germans make the technology just like digging a well on top of Mt. Everest and expect the customers to come to them, why would anybody want to climb Mt. Everest just to get a different tasting water. Americans they build a pipeline from the well to the plains below put a tap to allow the public to drink from it. Now come the Japanese who build a bottling plant to bottle the water and sell it to the public. Next come the Koreans who build a reservoir and charge even less and allow easy access to the public. Next will come the Chinese, who will channel the resrvoir into the city and allow the public even more easier access and will charge less because their volumes will be bigger. Finally will come the Indians, who will build pines to take the water from the city storage to the individual homes and build water tanks their and charge per unit of consumption, cheapest but more profitable since it will be the largest consumption.

    Cars go the same way. Started with the Germans, taken by the Americans, Modified by the Japanese, photocopied by the Koreans, reworked upon by the Chinese, finally Indians make it so cheap that even a bicycle owner can afford one.

  40. ironic that Audi also used the similar style against BMW, Benz, Lexus and Ferrari.

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