Subaru Legacy & Outback 2010-2011 third recall

Subaru Legacy & Outback 2010-2011 third recall

After already being recalled twice this year, Subaru is yet again recalling the 2010-2011 models of the Outback and the Legacy. This time, the recall only affects the rare manual transmission versions, and sales of all potentially-affected vehicles will likely be stopped in the United States.

According to the U.S. NHTSA safety agency, “if the transmission gears are not properly lubricated, a groaning sound may begin to develop, alerting the driver to a problem. If this sound is ignored and no action is taken, the gears will eventually break and this condition will lead to vehicle power loss, possibly resulting in a crash.”

Vehicles will be repaired, free of charge, at U.S. Subaru dealers. Most will simply have an oil lubrication hole drilled, though the automaker has informed its dealer network that vehicles with 10,000 km or more will require the replacement of the third through sixth gearsets as well as the main shaft.

A total of 809 Outback and Legacy models in the U.S. are affected by this recall. It is unknown of GCC-spec models in the UAE are affected, although there aren’t many of these cars to speak of here.

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