Honda Civic Type-R cut in Europe, live on in UAE

Honda Civic Type-R cut in Europe, live on in UAE

The adoption of the more stringent Euro 5 emissions regulations means the Honda Civic Type-R hatchback will no longer be legal for sale in Europe. Although the Type-R hatchback is built in England, the British factory will continue to produce the hot hatch for other markets around the world.

The Japanese-built Honda Civic Type-R sedan was already discontinued earlier this year, but the Japs themselves are getting imports of the European hatchback now, and will continue to do so. Sales of the 3-door Civic Type-R officially cease in all European markets in December, while import production will continue for Japan, Australia, and South Africa for the near future. A new Civic hatchback is already in development, but a new Type-R version is unlikely.

But this also means we in the GCC should continue to receive the existing Type-R hatchback, on sale in the UAE this year and quite possibly the most fun-to-drive car we’ve ever had the pleasure of testing.

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