GMC Acadia & Chevrolet Traverse 2009-2010 recall

GMC Acadia & Chevrolet Traverse 2009-2010 recall

General Motors is voluntarily conducting a safety recall for 2009-2010 models of the Chevrolet Traverse, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook, all variations of the same platform, to inspect second-row safety belts for damage that in rare cases could make an occupant think the belt is properly latched when it isn’t.

There are 243,403 vehicles involved in the recall, the majority in the United States with several thousand exported vehicles in Canada, Mexico, China and Saudi Arabia, as well as smaller numbers in other countries including the UAE. The GCC only receives the Chevrolet Traverse and the GMC Acadia.

GM discovered damaged second-row safety belt buckles among warranty returns. There are no known cases where second-row safety belts have failed to perform properly in a crash.

Some vehicles may have a condition where the second-row seat side trim shield restricts the upward rotation of the seat belt buckle when the seat back is returned to a seating position after being folded flat. If the buckle makes contact with the seat frame, the buckle may receive cosmetic damage as the seat back is being returned to its upright position. When this occurs, the customer may notice that additional effort is required to return the seat to a seating position.

But if sufficient force is applied, the buckle cover could be pushed down the strap, exposing and partially depressing the red release button. The seat belt release button may not travel as much as designed when depressed. The buckle may not latch or unlatch and may appear to be jammed. In rare instances, the buckle may appear to latch when the latch mechanism is not fully engaged.

Owners will begin receiving letters this month to schedule appointments with dealers for a no-charge inspection and repair of the second-row belts.

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  1. Why is everyone taking sooooo many precautions???!?!?!?!?!??!!?

  2. Apparently, now the consequences of cost cutting those carmakers have been doing all these years are showing up… I always said and was told that new cars are so commercialized that its not funny.. & they sell us junk for expensive..

  3. How dare they manufacture such a bland looking vehicle! The Acadia looks tons better than the traverse.

  4. the problem now the car companies are following (cost cutting) procedures while we dont see the prices going down, stuiped cars that dont worth a penny are priced over 150k, and for what? I dont know, frankly, we should launch a campaign like that in KSA titled “خليها تصدي” which means “let them go rusty”. bad quality cars, and especially here with poor specs being sold double the price in the US for what? I dont know.

  5. ^ well, the difference is you buy a car with rubbish sheet metal, a paint job that starts wearing off in 7-8 years time, cheap interior/exterior plastics that break down in 3 years time, electronics that go crazy as soon as warranty is over & for what? So i can have 10 airbags, tire pressure monitoring system, smart auto gearbox, push start ignition? Which i dont really need as an avg. consumer buying a mainstream car!!! I’d rather pay this extra money for quality rather than funky gadgetry in an avg car..
    Basically cars are now designed and engineered to impress the consumer at 1st sight with the funky specs and gadgets they have and make them buy it!! Even if the fact the consumer will hate their life after the warranty is over..

    We own an Opel Astra for 4 years now.. A friend of mine owned the previous generation astra here for 10 years now.. Very tough and reliable car which made us think of buying the new generation… The new model looks better, is bigger, has a nice quality interior like but has alot of cost cutting defects… As soon as the warranty is over, the car started having some interior panels coming off, occasional immobilizer problems, premature suspension wear, timing belt bearing was defective (thank god it didnt fail while we were driving), ignition coils were failing, A/C clutch failed… My conclusion is they ruined the whole image and appeal of the whole brand with such silly problems that are the result of cheaping out on spare parts.. The Opel we had is accident free, newer and had much less mileage than my friend’s 10 year old Opel.. But our Opel has more faults and problems not due to lack of maintenance or such but cuz it was soo cheaply done it wasn’t even funny.. If all cars are going to be built this cheap then im better off with a Kia or a Hyundai at least i know im not paying alot and parts come cheap.. Heck i even own an 8 year old Hyundai coupe, its much more reliable than the new Opel..

    Thats my side of the story you can ask people owning camrys, corollas, Polos, seats, etc… See what kind of silly stories some of them will tell you… Cost cutting is getting really major.. & people are paying alot for nothing more than greed..

  6. i have travers 09 and i have serious problem that the rear seat float suddenly up and my kids become withoutr no breath because of seat belt

  7. Travers have problems like break noise and electrical problems

  8. ^ you should run immediately to your dealership and tell them to sort things out.. This back seat issue is a dangerous problem..

    After my personal experiences with GM’s new products lately im having doubts with the quality of their mainstream products and models… Cost cutting is quite evident in their cars.. I own an Opel astra btw..

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