Xenatec custom vehicle builders set up Dubai base

Xenatec custom vehicle builders set up Dubai base

Xenatec, a custom and armoured vehicle manufacturing specialist, has launched operations in the region with a base in Dubai under the name of Xenatec Middle East & Africa this month. Xenatec is headquartered in Germany and builds special modified vehicles such as stretch limos and armoured cars, supplying components in the bodywork process and interior in-house. The company creates complete vehicles from concept development to design and prototyping, through to production.

Xenatec was formed in Germany following the acquisition of the ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer manufacturing base in November 2009. ThyssenKrupp is a “household name in German car production with extensive experience in car body construction and roots dating back over 100 years.”

Xenatec is involved in the development process of new vehicles, and offers prototype creation, existing model modification, interior upgrading, as well as individualised body conversions such as stretching and roof raising. Some of their dramatic ideas raised eyebrows recently, but the company says they can do any conversion, as well as armour-plate them should you stand out too much among rioters and terrorists.

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  1. haha weird and cool for some models.. but nice 🙂

  2. Interested in finding out if the 300 Convertible vehicle was located in the US and possibly if it was for sale.

  3. i have a stretch Hummer H2 limo in Dubai want to change all interior , send me your office location and quotation to close the deal as soon as possible.

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