Smart ForTwo under consideration for UAE launch

Smart ForTwo under consideration for UAE launch

While browsing our own website, we came across Google Adsense text ads by Mercedes-Benz that links to a survey. The online form seems to be gauging interest for the possible launch of the Smart ForTwo micro-car in the UAE.

Originally a joint venture with Swiss watchmaker Swatch, Mercedes-Benz became the sole owner by the time the Smart City Car was first launched in 1998. The car has a solid steel frame like a conventional car, surrounded by swappable plastic panels that can be changed to alter the colour of the car. Two cars can also be somewhat parked in a single parking space. It became famous in Europe after flipping over in a sudden-swerving “elk test”, which has since been rectified by overly-understeering suspension tuning and aggressive stability-control programming. At some point, it got renamed the Smart ForTwo as other larger models were marketed under the Smart brand, all of which have flopped and died.

The second-generation ForTwo came in 2007, in Coupe and drop-top Cabrio body styles. Rear-mounted petrol engine choices include a 71 hp 1.0-litre and an 83 hp turbocharged 1.0-litre, both supplied by Mitsubishi. Fuel economy for the 730-kilo car isn’t much different from a typical four-door mini hatchback.

Safety include front and side airbags, a rigid steel frame, stability control and ABS brakes. While safer than most people believe, the entire car can still tumble like a ball when hit by a larger vehicle.

Via the survey, Mercedes-Benz Middle East seems to be trying to figure out how much they should charge for the car, what kind of people will buy it, and what sort of media they will advertise the car in. The car will likely retail for at least Dhs 60,000 or more if it comes here. Private imports via used car dealers have been available here for the past decade.

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    For those interested, the survey can be found here:

  2. Please, bring it soon, I like it 🙂

  3. Too expensive for its size but the Smart roadster was an awesome car..

  4. Damn! this thing has only 3 lug nuts on the wheels. what’s it’s top speed?

  5. Who is the dealer in uae ??

  6. I spoke to Mercedes Showroom few months and its not available. 60k Dhs is not worth it when you can buy a good small car in that budget.

    Suzuki’s Alto costs about 30K, I am not sure how many people would buy for 60k. Its just makes you think twice. I would buy for 20k if available.

  7. Just saw a brand new Smart two seater convertible with Brabus decal on the rear and silver alloys. Might have been soft launched already 🙂

  8. It doesn’t worth more than 30-40k DHS ! 60K is too much 🙂

  9. 1-the weight ratio with other vehicles on the road make it dangerous.
    2-the price tag is NOT enticing,simply when one thinks of the many other choices he can buy with that sum.
    3-the only advantage as I see it, is the fuel economy.again, this is not important factor in the Gulf market.To launch it,it must be sold at a price comparatively close to the international one, and promote the clean environment culture .

  10. This only 2 seaters : price(

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