Toyota Land Cruiser 2011 60th Anniversary edition with optional 5.7-litre V8

Toyota Land Cruiser 2011 60th Anniversary edition with optional 5.7-litre V8

We already spoke of the Kuwaiti launch of the 5.7-litre “special edition” 60th Anniversary Toyota Land Cruiser, but it looks like the UAE version of the Anniversary model is slightly different in its dealer-installed mods, and seemingly available for sale in both 4.7-litre and 5.7-litre forms.

The 2011 Land Cruiser 60th anniversary range comprises two grades, VXR-i and GXR-i, featuring a new blue mica metallic exterior with coloured roof rails and a special 60th anniversary motif throughout the interior and exterior, including the floor mats, illuminated entry plate and key case. In addition, the range features new power window sun-shades, celebratory diamond motif-stitched leather seats, aftermarket-looking LED daytime running lights, side indicator mirrors and a rear view camera displayed on the driver’s interior rear mirror.

The VXR-i model features a rear dual-screen DVD entertainment system and the new 362 hp 5.7-litre engine alongside the existing 4.7-litre engine, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Keep track of prices and updates in the Toyota Land Cruiser buyer guide.

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  3. Author

    No V6. Price estimates in guide under “2010” itself.


  5. Author

    ^Done, for you. It looks like a 4.0 V6 60th anniversary model is available in Oman, with a rear spare tyre.

  6. Is the manual transmission with at least the 4.7.ltr V8 engine? V6 lacks power I guess.

  7. Author

    No V8 manual.

  8. Oh!!!! That’s so sad. No probs. I will stick to 4.8ltr Nissan Patrol.

  9. i have seen this in abu dhabi , near toyota dealer some one taking delivery

  10. i saw this in the showroom…interior has an awesome upgrade over the 4.7L

  11. hmm looks nice is the price 320k for it? might as well spend little more and go with the lexus lx570 right?
    how exactly is the interior changed? better quality materials?

  12. the LX570 sucks!!i got a 2009 MY.. it is 26k on the ODO nd ders a High pitch squeak on the wheels wen ever i apply brake between 10 to 80km/h.. Im facing this problem since the time i purchased the car!! each service i complain but its the same!! i just got my car from the 30k service yesterday nd 2day the same problem!! WTF!! i paid 350k to hear this irritating high pitch squeak!!

    @ Mash : any solution for this issue other than selling the car(or getting used to the noise)?

  13. Author

    ^If I am thinking of the right sound, it affects way too many cars, and is due to the brake pads. I hear that if you get the edges of the brake pads shaved down so they aren’t sharp, the sound goes away! No dealer bothers doing that much work though, since they are only good at replacing parts.

  14. change your brake pads to aftermarket ones. DO NOT buy the lexus pads. the problem should go away and your braking performance might be even improved.
    the dealer is useless at fixing any problems, find the fix yourself.

  15. Thnx for the prompt response.
    Would it void the warranty if i shave the edges of the brake pad or if i replace it with Aftermarket?

  16. Author

    ^Probably be voided, as all maintenance needs to be through dealer. Unlikely they’d find out though.

  17. Hello,
    I have a V8 Landruiser, bought in Germany in 2009. Please can anyone tell me something about the new modell Landcruiser V8 with 5,7 Liter motor diesel. Can i buy this car also in germany in this year 2011? It´s very important for me, to get the information, because i want to buy a new Landcruiser, and would be very diappointed to get an old model, when a new car comes along end of the year.

  18. My sweeper gifted one to his driver.

  19. Toyota Land Cruiser 2011 60th Anniversary 5.7-litre V8 cost 277,000 AED and the GXR-i cost 208,000 AED.

  20. any updates whether the LC will receive a minor facelift by the end of this year for the model year 2012?

    i heard this but like some confirmation if anyone knows more about it!!

  21. Owning a Toyota in UAE is a dead pain in the pocket.

  22. Toyota is amaizing to own.

  23. Khalid Ali bro!No way it costs that low

  24. Yeah, There are many different models.

    These are the 60th anniversary edition
    The GXR-i 4.0 V6 standard with fabric seats costs 208,000
    The GXR-i 4.0 V6 full options costs 215,000

    The V8 models icludes

    The GXR-i 4.7 V8 full options costs 235,000
    The VXR-i 4.7 V8 Full options costs 277,000
    The VXR-i 5.7 V8 Full options costs 297,000

    then there is the Xtreme, which is a whole new story.

  25. The Toyota Landcruiser V.X.R.I is featured with it’s own remote starter does anyone know how to use it?…Thanks

  26. I tried pressing the unlock button 3 times but didn’t work

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