Video of the week: Transformers Camaro crash for real

Video of the week: Transformers Camaro crash for real

If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of Transformers 3, don’t fret because it is still being filmed, and here is a glimpse of the action, even if unplanned. While filming in Washington D.C., a real Chevrolet Suburban police vehicle was responding to an emergency and cut across the set to save time. The “Bumblebee” Chevrolet Camaro collided with the Suburban, but there were no serious injuries. The Camaro was quickly covered up and moved away.

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  1. Now that’s called a CRUMPLE zone…

  2. The suburban lives up to its name, It has very little damage compared to the camaro….

  3. Author

    There is a Ferrari 458 Italia just behind the Camaro, if you notice. Shows up in other footage.

  4. was this scene shot intentionally or was this a unplanned accident? :s

  5. Author


  6. stupid cop, you don’t cut through the middle filming driving like that to respond to an emergency. He could have seriously hurt someone… Just sayin

  7. @Jennifer I kind of have to agree. I guess I kind of have to assume he didnt know they were filming there, because if he did, he would have had to have known that there would be people ALL over the place. Poor judgement on his part.

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