So we got a 2011 Lexus LX 570

So we got a 2011 Lexus LX 570

We first tested the current iteration of the Lexus LX 570 when it debuted in 2008, alongside the Toyota Land Cruiser on which it is based. So when we were offered the 2011 Lexus LX 570 for a test-drive, we almost rejected it. But then we figured “why not.” Maybe something has changed. It turns out nothing has changed, although our tester was a more interesting vehicle than the one we drove before.

For one, it was black and it had an optional body kit that added front and rear bumper extensions. Bigger 20-inch wheels too. This is a way better understated option than blowing your money on that “Invader” nonsense.

Otherwise, externally at least, this LX was virtually stock. However, it seemed to attract at least some attention when we had it parked.

Turns out it was the interior that was catching everyone’s eye. Our tester had orange-brown upholstery, matched with reddish wood trim, black soft-touch and hard plastics, and bushy black floormats. It almost looked like an aftermarket-touched cabin, only better integrated.

The front seats are power-adjustable, ventilated and can fit the tallest of ogres.

The rear is also pretty spacious, though not as much as the monstrosities churned out by Nissan nowadays. Rear passengers get to enjoy a DVD screen, separate a/c controls and a couple of cup-holders.

The design of the third row remains rudimentary, given the LX’s non-independent rear suspension. The third row bench splits into two and folds up along the side walls when not in use. Their unfolding operation is not fully powered, and neither is the folding away of the second-row seat to access the third row. And space is limited, but still somewhat enough for adults.

Luggage space is immense of course, even with the third-row seats hogging space. The top half of the tailgate is powered.

A Lexus LX optioned up in this way is a very attractive proposition. We weren’t aware that this truck could be outfitted in anything other than white paint and beige leather. Read our earlier review of the white-beige 2008 Lexus LX 570 for driving impressions, as we’ve used this black one for an upcoming “economy” test instead.

What do you think?



  1. how much is it costing? should be expensive than the new QX-56?

  2. Author

    of course, as usual.

  3. Looks like they now have the 20inch wheels compared to the 18inchers on the previous models. Does that mean handling will be improved?
    what is the pricing like? 350k? or more?

  4. Author

    Checked my photos and yes, 20-inchers. It felt like it handled better, but it could’ve been just in my head. Around Dhs 360k-380k at last glance.

  5. Patrol / Landcrusier / Infinity / Lexus based on them … are the ugliest looking bunch of 4×4’s on road. The old one from each stable looks way better. However it seems from all the reviews and peoples feedback these vehicles have moved huges steps ahead in terms of comfort and technologies but few steps back in terms of offroading. The real purpose of 4×4 is lost…lets hope they don’t become full size crossovers in couple of years.

  6. It looks good with the body kit and large wheels (and the black body). Interior is splendid!

  7. The interior is very nice. It really like the body kit and the wheels. They are feeling the competition.

    @ royer: most of the 4×4’s purchased in the UAE are not driven offroad. The guys who are serious about off roading would modify the living day lights out of their cars before they hit the dunes. I don’t expect anyone in their right mind to go offroading in chromed out wheels or a lowered body kit. If you ever see a Nissan patrol or a Toyota Land cruiser with over inflated offroad tires that look like swimming tubes then you know that guy is serious about his offroading 😀

  8. Hi Shimmy, i am not against about comfort, i am taking about a lost purpose, a 4×4 slowly going crossover way. How would you feel if you see a altima or camary with offroad tires, grill gaurd, raised ground clearance… It will look / feel and drive odd isn’t it, and whole purpose of family car is lost… same way if you see known/proven 4×4’s, moving towards comfort but at same time losing offroad features slowly – slowly fans will complain.

  9. there are always different variants for every 4×4..some are for serious offroading while some are for onroad pleasure suited to different customers.
    the reason can be that not everyone who buys a SUV or a 4×4 is a big offroader, many buy for the comfort, safety, high ground clearance or just to fit in a big family and in this part of the is a sort of status symbol against car owners.
    so to suit everyone’s tastes, many of the hard core SUVs are fitted with chrome wheels, low ground clearance, luxury and creature comforts on the inside and more suited for on-road driving.

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