Lexus LX570 Invader L60 debuts in UAE

Lexus LX570 Invader L60 debuts in UAE

Anyone who visited the 2010 Sharjah Auto Show last week would’ve got a look at the gaudy bodykitted Lexus LX570 at the “Invader” stand. The so-called Invader is a tuning and customisation programme for the Lexus 4×4 by Japanese tuners ASI. Who else besides the Japanese can come up with something this cheesy.

If the full treatment is opted for, the Lexus LX570 Invader L60 can be had with the childish wide-body kit, a supercharger to boost power to 592 hp on the stock US-spec 383 hp 5.7-litre V8 (while GCC-spec ones have 362 hp stock), a carbon-tipped performance exhaust system, a lowered manually-tuned suspension setup that kill offroad ability, a heavy-duty brake system, forged 22-inch wheels, and a customised interior that seems to only consist of mismatching red upholstery bits on the stock beige cabin, with red seats, dash, armrests, headliner and floor mats.

The Lexus Invader L60 can supposedly do the 0-100 kph in 5.5 seconds (with the US-spec engine of course), and ASI will only manufacture 100 of these vehicles. They will be sold in the UAE and possibly in Saudi Arabia via local Invader dealers, with prices approaching Dhs 1 million each.

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  1. Author

    There was a apparently Dubai launch event that we weren’t invited to, but I hear the driving sessions lasted a few minutes each. Expect a “full road test” in magazines soon.

  2. Toooooooo much elaboration….
    It is simply over done……

  3. Sick and Wicked !! I wanna see this in 007 movie 🙂

  4. why waste 1 million on this crap when u can buy an exotic super car for the same price…

  5. i went to see the car and they are asking 1.165million the car is not worth of this price i would rather buy a ferrari

  6. If I had a million to spend for a car. I would probably built one from scrap with custom looks because it will be always unique. And it will be worth the waste.

  7. for a supercharger and a body kit why would some1 pay 1.165 million i would do it up my self and get it probably more faster then this for half the price

  8. ^^yeah well welcome to Dubai.

  9. Too chessy, pointless and extremely overpriced… Looks like its done in karama.. With exception to the performance part of course..

  10. Lexus recalls 1.5 million vehicles worldwide due to faulty braking systems:)

  11. I think it comes from different prospective. Invader is competing with the high-end performance vehicles worldwide. more models will be announced at Geneva motor show as I understood. all high end performance models got positive and negative points. as I see here, you are getting the Japanese tech which leading the market ( not to ignore that now BMW,Mercedes,GM…etc recalling vehicles for faults) with high performance and quality which make it unique and good competitor. I tried high performance German cars, I believe this Japanese Tech will compete strong and well against the European technology ‘again’.

  12. u can cuztomize better than the body kit whith spending less money on body kit of more than th price of the car

  13. invader is the best

  14. i think this car is worth it i already ordered 1 !! they are really good i own a ferrari and a lamborghini and buggati and reventon but for a jeep this car is really good !!!

    • Ahmed,
      I take it that you didn’t work hard for your money and you’re a daddies spoiled boy. Owning all these cars makes you feel special, but building one up from scratch is the best feeling that I ever had, and I worked my ass off for every penny I spent on my car.

    • خررررط علينا
      واللي ما تعرفه زيييييدة

  15. you all are so stupid 😉 the car cost around $200,000 🙂 1million AED…you need to convert in EUR or USD


  16. I just cant belive, thi`s the CAR.
    Very beatful…

  17. if i had 1 million aed then i would like to buy two of invaders iy’s amazing.

  18. The Lexus Invader is a very impressive vehicle. The drive is excellent and the opulence of the car is deserved of the price asked ($200,000.00). I know that alot of people who cant afford it would love to give negative comments or throw insults at those that can. But the truth is that the Lexus vehicle is a superior ride with less maintenance issues than any German or American cars. I own a Lexus ISF and it has out performed my BMW M3 and the Merc AMG that I owned in the past. I cannot wait to get my Invader. One more thing, it is important for all the haters to let go of the envy. Learn to appreciate a good thing or simply open your minds to learn while you can. Your childish rantings in the name of critiques make it glaringly obvious that you are just plain jealous. Thanks

  19. whem i sow the invader 005/100 in angola i say man this is car its amazing god blast lexus

  20. Hello sir, how much this lexus invader costs?

  21. It’s not cost over 1 million dollars -.-
    You people trippin.
    This is only $260,000. Gosh…

  22. its an awsum creation by the manufacturers. It will really spread like mercedes g series or g66. i am sure it will be best, better then g66. 600 HP thts woww…interior is so fabolous.

  23. This cars are just mind blowing even my dad owns a lexus lx 570 2014 model. What is the price for modified it?

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