Video of the week: Saudis in Audis

Video of the week: Saudis in Audis

We were directed to this documentary video by a friend who lives in Saudi Arabia. Keen-eyed observers will realise that it was made in the United States, but while it delves on many stereotypes, it is wholly inaccurate on two counts — Saudis don’t dress like that, and Saudis wouldn’t ever want an Audi.

What do you think?



  1. lol..nice title..

  2. love it………lol..

  3. I am going to keep this song as my ringtone…

  4. Kuwaiti in Bugatti 😉

  5. emarati in Maserati 🙂

  6. bahraini in Lamborghini 🙂

  7. qatari in Bentley 🙂

  8. Author


  9. hahaha….awesome..

  10. however wrong it may be its hilarious !

  11. THEN qatari in Mercury 😀

  12. Do you guys use 10 W KHHHH for your cars?

  13. Very funny LOL

    Guys.. Yesterday I saw Kia optima 2011 in Abu-Dhabi… and OH MY GOD… So beautiful!! amazing look… Sporty back and what an agressive front!!! it looks luxurious from far away like jaguar or an Audi..

  14. Author

    ^Jeebus CHRISHT, I’ll drive the Optima tomorrow.

  15. Change the title to Saudi in Kia, for the sake of Abdil Aziz…….
    nice song
    We can say Iraqis in Suzukis

  16. Khobar “saudi arabia” in VW Golf GTI 😛

  17. I love the song

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