So we got a 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0

So we got a 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0

It’s always nice when a manufacturer gives us a test car for a reasonable amount of time. Mazda gives cars for only a day. Porsche gives cars for a ridiculous 6 hours. And Aston Martin asks for your date of birth. So we boycotted those companies in terms of test-drive coverage. Ford is variable, depending on what’s available. The 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 seemed to be available. And they gave it to us for nearly a week.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing with Ford. Our previous 2010 Ford Mustang GT coverage apparently caused a ruckus within their headquarters. The 2011 Mustang GT looks pretty much identical. There are only a couple of ways to tell it is newer. One is the nifty little blind-spot mirrors integrated into the side mirrors now. And the other is the 5.0 badges on the fenders.

We can tell you right now that there is much less to complain about this time around. The build quality is seemingly better. The Bluetooth system is easier to use now thanks to our previous experience. The entry-level price is much lower. And it still looks awesome.

Our tester is a higher-end automatic version with the glass roof option, so it is still somewhat pricey. But now it is actually worth it, considering what’s under the bonnet. More on that later.

The interior is exactly the same as before, with a soft-touch dash top, hard-plastic door panels with padded inserts, and an earth-shattering “Shaker” audio system with integrated Bluetooth and possibly other features hidden away behind a budget monochrome-screen fascia.

The leathery seats still have moderate bolstering rather than going full sporty, with only a power-adjustable bottom for both seats.

Rear access remains tight, compounded by the powered bottom that takes ages to get out of the way. There isn’t much legroom there anyway for most adults.

The glass roof is an interesting gimmick that gives a convertible feel, but it doesn’t open and the shade is just a thin piece of cloth.

The boot area is sort of long and sort of deep for a coupe, but the floor isn’t perfectly flat.

Wasting time describing how it looks would just be typical page-filler for amateur magazine journalists. The real story is in how it drives. Here we were, expecting to get a 0-100 kph time similar to the Camaro SS and the Challenger SRT8 that we tested earlier. But this thing blew both of those cars away. By a long shot. Maybe it’s the weather.

More in the full review.

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  1. This car is a rocket,
    Last night I ignored the first 1000 km breaking in period and floored the accelerator from standstill, the car gave huge wheel spin even with traction control turned on.

  2. Author

    ^Well, that was quick

  3. this is the one model i wuz really lukin forward … finally the 4.6 315 bhp version says gudbye and in comes the almighty 5L 412 bhp beast … Thtz one hellova ryd, 4 sure 🙂
    the change in the V6 engine too wuz adequate as the outgoin 4L 210 bhp ryd wuz way too sluggish … glad 2 knw tht the upgraded engine is a 3.7L boastin 305 bhp …
    and both the engines gettin a hike of almost a hundred horses ??? now thtz wht i call an true upgrade !!! GAME ON !!!

  4. They sure are becoming more refined than ever.. I mean they got DOHC with VVT now… I hear the running costs on them is quite pricey?

  5. These are the moments that I wished I wasnt married, or I had the money 10 years back. 🙁 I sooooo badly want this daddy !!!!

  6. ^ Careful, if your wife reads this you’ll have to change your name to Stung316 😉

  7. I am stung every time I drool over a stang !! hahahaha

  8. Anybody heard what the aftermarket is going to do with this motor? There is a huge market in just developing go fast goodies for Mustangs. This thing comes with enough power that I’m curious to see what the Steeda’s, Roush’s & Saleen’s of the world come out with to improve on this amazing platform..

  9. amazing thing about this car is that it still looks good after 4+ years in service with only minor facelifts

  10. Is it worth it to buy the 5.0 with an automatic? I have an automatic license only :S

    Or is it better to go for 3.7 with the automatic? I mean is it a worthy investment for an automatic in the 5.0?

  11. I have been trying to get a manual gear box Mustang GT from Al Tayer – impossible!!! They think I’m crazy wanting it with a manual gear box!

    It’s such a shame only bringing this car to the UAE with the useless basic automatic. This car was designed to have a manual gearbox, only someone who doesn’t know how to drive a car would want the new 5.0 Stang in an auto!

    If it was a good auto (DSG or even a basic tiptronic) I’d understand, but it’s a useless truck type auto that you find in pick up trucks. Terrible terrible shame.

    I would buy this car tomorrow if Al Tayer offered it with the manual gearbox!

  12. The tune of the 5.0 V8 is a worthy investment.

  13. does the 5.0 actually start 125000?

  14. Anybody can give us an idea about the servicing and spare part costs of this car as I heard they are pricey??

  15. Author

    ^You’ll have to ask assassin in the forums. He owns one.

  16. You get 3 years / 60000km contract services for free. So you only pay for fuel and tires for the next 3 years of buying followed by extra 2 years warranty on the engine, gearbox and differentials.
    Ask me after 3 years from now about servicing and spare part costs then I will be able to answer.

  17. Looks dated. And not as powerful as it could have been.

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