So I got a 2010 Ford Mustang GT

So I got a 2010 Ford Mustang GT

As a sports car, the 2010 Ford Mustang GT is a piece of bull crap. As a practical car, it is an even bigger piece of dinosaur dung. The big V8 engine makes V6 power, the suspension is a joke and the interior belongs in an economy car. But then, why did we like it so much?


Indeed, the Mustang’s claim to fame is its immense character. On the outside, it looks more expensive than it really is, as long as you don’t look too closely at the panel gaps. And that paint job is eye-popping, enough to melt the lens of our camera phone. All the changes for 2010 — including the new front and rear ends, the raised shoulders, the bonnet bulge, the cool rims and the rear lip spoiler — give the sizeable car even more street presence than ever before.


About the most memorable feature of the car were the disco-dancing tail indicator lamps. When indicating left or right, each of the red blocks light up in succession instead of all together. Even though we could not see them while driving, we used the indicators much more than needed, just to put up a light show for people behind us. It could be a good gimmick to make dimwits use their indicators more.


A camera is integrated into the tasteful rear spoiler that cuts out half the view out the back window anyway. The lower black plastic trim is also tastefully done, without looking cheap.


The combination of clean shapes and smoked 19-inch alloys make for naturally-aggressive styling, although we believe the brakes behind the rims should’ve been bigger.


The interior is a massive improvement over the outgoing one, with a soft-touch dashboard and real metal trim, although bits of the old Ford remain. The upper door panels are hard plastic, and some trim pieces can be moved with one finger. It would seem that Ford’s solid new-found quality standards are reserved for their sedans. Or our test car was just beaten up a lot.


The cup-holders are great, with some mood lighting to match the gauges and even a cover to hide them when not in use. They totally overshadowed the Microsoft SYNC multimedia system, which we didn’t use at all except for the Bluetooth, requiring a peek into the instruction manual during setup. Digging through thick booklets for only a two-day test-drive didn’t seem like a good investment.


The seats are leathery and wide, although they could’ve used a bit more side-bolstering. Space is fine up front, although a bit tight around the knees.


Rear access is a back-breaker, and once in, there is barely enough space for an average Tom-Cruise-sized adult. But Arnold Schwarzenegger will never fit.


The luggage area is shallow, with a small opening, but long enough in length to be somewhat useful. That radio antenna does not retract.


Okay, so the Mustang is a turd, but a very cool turd, with interior mood lighting, retro gauges, a capless fuel-filler hole, and handling decent enough to just about outrun a Honda-boy. Our tester even had squeaky front suspension, a jittery ride, a basic automatic, and a loud cabin. But I still felt proud driving it to the Porsche Panamera launch in Abu Dhabi. If there ever was a way to polish a turd, this is it. Hell, I’d buy one.

For detailed driving impressions, look for the upcoming complete review. For specs and prices, visit the Ford Mustang buyer guide.

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  1. I had a mustang GT 2007 and I loved it, the only problem I had with it is when filling up petrol, it is a nightmare, it takes me 30 mins to fill it up… anyone knows if this is a problem in this model?

  2. Author

    I heard of that in the old model. Had no issues on that front.

  3. Still have one and it’s a problem on most of them. Couple of tricks that work for me:

    1) Always get fuel first – once you leave your house go straight to pump.

    2) Don’t wait till close to empty on the gauge.

    3) EPPCO fairs better than EMARAT due to EMARAT’s high pressure pumps.

    Mash – great review. Okay handling, crap rear suspension, but the car screams “Move [email protected], get out the way! Get out the way [email protected], get out the way…” (Ludacris). No other car gives you that feeling.

  4. Author

    I just read on the net that you have to turn the nozzle upside-down. Again, not an issue in new models.

  5. but what exactly is the science behind taking time to fill petrol? I’ve noticed that in my Mazda, it takes longer to fill the tank up than most other cars no matter where I go except Adnoc..sometimes, i might be going sumwhre urgently when the tank gets emptied; and then it gets filled up only at a snails pace! friend was telling me the other day that it is coz of the car n not the pump…

  6. It a cool looking car. Why havnt you tried the stick Mustang for comparison?

  7. This article is not neccesarily accurate, the writer clearly doesnt understand cars. The 2010 mustangs V8 is indeed powerfull and the handling is better in a slalom than the Corvette. The braking is also better than the corvettes. Read the reviews done by proper automotive journalists.

  8. Author

    You are right. It is also the most spacious car in the world, and flies faster than an F-22.

  9. loool lmao! XD

  10. “This article is not neccesarily accurate, the writer clearly doesnt understand cars. The 2010 mustangs V8 is indeed powerfull and the handling is better in a slalom than the Corvette. The braking is also better than the corvettes.”

    This is the joke of the century… So you are saying a musturd will beat a Corvette ZR1 in slalom and has better brakes? Check out the breaks on this review piece, it looks like ones you find on a toyota yaris lol. John you clearly understand cars more than anyone hahahah!

  11. you would buy a (turd). Shame on you….

  12. I find reading reviews about the 2010 Ford Mustang always an time for enjoyment. What amazes me is that when writers are doing the tests, cars like the Mustang either get all praises, or only headwind. But the question is why? Ïs it because there is comparison in the same price class? It looks to good? Is it because there is no car having the same power output as the Mustang in the same price class? Is it because it drives to good? Or is it once you see the Mustang you compare it right away with a car in a price class 2 or 3 times higher? I think the answers sits in that the fact that this car raises emotions with people, and causes the same people loosing the facts of relality. Every time I see testers seeing blinded by the Mustang, I see one more reason to ensure my next car is a Mustang 🙂

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