Chevrolet Caprice police car heading to America

Chevrolet Caprice police car heading to America

2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police
The Chevrolet Caprice may have originated in the United States, but it died there back in 1996, and the one we get in the GCC now is the Australian Holden version. However, after decades of enduring the outdated Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor, U.S. police forces will finally have a new option to look forward to. Because General Motors is going to start selling the Aussie Chevrolet Caprice as a police-only special model in America.

The Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) will join the ranks of law enforcement departments across North America in 2011. The full-size rear-wheel-drive sedan will be offered with both V8 and V6 engines, as well as a host of specialised equipment and features.

The engine of choice would be the 355 hp 6.0-litre V8, mated to an automatic gearbox. Other features include optional front-seat-only side-curtain air bags, an extra battery for powering police equipment, compatibility with in-dash touch-screen computer technology, special front seats with space for a cop’s equipment belt, high-wear cabin materials, and a barrier between the front and rear seats.

Additional police-specific powertrain and vehicle features of the 9C1 package includes a high-output alternator, engine oil cooler, transmission cooler, power steering fluid cooler, standard 18-inch steel wheels with bolt-on centre caps, disc brakes with heavy-duty pads, heavy-duty suspension components, police-calibrated stability control system and a speed-tracking feature.

A host of complementary features are also offered, including special equipment packages such as spotlights, lockouts for the power windows and locks, and an “undercover” street-appearance 9C3 package.

Chevrolet’s history with law enforcement is almost as old as the brand itself. Police departments have used Chevy sedans as police cars for decades, ordering them with basic equipment and powerful V8 engines, including some special motors that weren’t available in regular-production models. While the Australian Caprice is already a staple of police forces in places such as Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, it will soon start showing up in action movies.

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  1. It was about time they put our Caprice there in the US market but it abit too late

  2. if you look at other pics on the web, you will notice on the odometer it says “G8” (the pontiac version that died).

  3. Author

    Makes sense. Incidentally, Holden is now using the leftover Pontiac noses on “limited edition” Commodore models in Australia.

  4. z4ster…

    U r totally right. Our caprice is a re badged holden, which is being sold as G8 in the u.s. However, the one we have has an aging under performing 4 speed transmission in the 6 cylinder version. While it’s got a good 5 speed transmission in both Australia and u.s.

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