Toyota Zelas, also known as the 2011 Scion tC, now in UAE

Toyota Zelas, also known as the 2011 Scion tC, now in UAE

Toyota’s UAE dealer launched the 2011 Scion tC at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Motor Show, only, it will be known as the Toyota Zelas in the GCC, and will come standard with an aggressive body kit.

The all-new 5-seater 2011 Toyota Zelas is powered by a Camry-derived 176 hp 2.5-litre VVT-i 4-cylinder engine, with 230 Nm of torque at 4100 rpm, front-wheel-drive, and a 6-speed automatic with tiptronic. The two-door coupe has four-wheel-independent suspension with MacPherson struts up front and double-wishbone rear, as well as four-wheel-disc brakes, vented at the front and solid rear. The car weighs 1425 kg and comes to a 55-litre fuel tank.

The Zelas comes in only two trim levels. The rather-loaded base trim comes with an 8-speaker CD/MP3 stereo with USB port and 6-disc CD changer, Bluetooth, keyless entry, cloth upholstery, manual a/c, power windows, folding electric mirrors, ABS, stability control, front and side airbags, spilt-folding rear seat, fog lamps, 17-inch alloys with 215/50 tyres, parking sensors, leather steering wheel with controls, rear spoiler and the body kit. The top version adds leather upholstery, cruise control, paddle shifters and smart keyless entry with starter button. Curiously, a sunroof is not offered, although a 6-speed manual may be available for order at some dealers.

The surprisingly spacious compact coupe has a reasonable base price of Dhs 90,000 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the top one coming in at Dhs 95,000. It is already on sale, with a 5-year warranty. Toyota says they are going to promote it as a tuner car.

Keep track of updates in the Toyota buyer guide.

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  1. Author

    I believe one of our readers first broke the story in the forums last week.

  2. Saw them in Jebel Ali ports car yards. 😀
    it’s wheelbase is kinda long. engine sounds interesting though

  3. i guess it competes with the altima coupe and accord coupe 😀

  4. Very impressive, I must say…!!!

  5. zelas, stupid name

  6. perfect competition to the other two jap coupes

  7. finally, Toyota joins the race with the Camry COUPE aka Zelas (jz kidding!). better late than never. While the new engine (from Camry) and the 6 speed tiptronic sounds interesting, wonder how the actual performance is going to be. While Aurion took time after it arrival in this market, let’s hope this one catches on more quickly.

    Waiting for more information from you, Mash!

  8. Interior is so boring 🙁

  9. looks like a kia cerato boring style not even worth 50000dhs

  10. I still prefer Hyundai Genesis Coupe in place of this one !!

    Or even Mazda mx5 looks much more sportee-iar than scion.

  11. If it was rear wheel drive I would have jumped of joy now.

  12. How many new that toyota had promoted it on facebook and the one person in the competition will win it:)

  13. crazy toyota…big loosers…..a 90k car with this stupid config??..they should concentrate to make proper brake,steering rather then box (aka cars)..

  14. i saw it in the motor show…its not worth spending that much becuz many of the options avialable in scion TC is missing in this car…better to spend few more thousands and get a genesis coupe….actually the nearest competitor for this car is kia cerato koup….by the way guys if anyone is thinking about visiting abu dhabi motor show pls forget it…it was really boring….

  15. Yahn.Just as overpriced as the other 2 jap coupe’s. Y not spend a lil more and get a 310 hp genesis coupe. its better in every aspect.

  16. toyota fanboys are giving us neg point..lool

  17. Something not right in the design .. so Toyotas throwing this at us.

    What about the FT86? Will that come to the UAE?

  18. interior seems a copy of mazdas

  19. I went to Al-Futtaim Sheik Zayed Rd to check when the vehicle will go on sale, the sales staff looked at me funny as if im from another planet. They dont even know it exists and replied we dont think that vehicle will come to Dubai, however if you log on to Toyota UAE website it sez you can WIN A ZELAS…SHOCKING!!!

  20. hm good enough car bt too much price! would prefer a genesis!! it should be 75 max.

  21. Disclaimer: This comment may/will hurt feelings.

    Hard to swallow but the Japanese are now a step or two behind the Koreans in offering good looks as well as modern interior quality. I bet a 10 year old VW had the same interior as this new Zelas(what a stupid name tbh). I’ll save you the research work, check this out. Proof of the above claim >> >> Pathetic job Toyota!

  22. Compare the VW 2000 Golf interior in the post above with the 2011 Scion here below. See any similarities?

  23. Al futtaim is losing points for after sales service. They take the car for service doesn’t take a good and concerned look at the vehicle. My friend owns the new camry with 5-speed automatic. Just did 25,000kms and all services were done in Al futtaim and on time. But still when accelerating it sounds like it is almost going to break. The sound feels like it is either the transmission or the exhaust thats making this annoying sound.

  24. At least Toyota is trying to bring something out that is different from the usual camry-corolla-yaris. I give credit to them for that even if it might not sell as well as they’re expecting it to due to that price. It’s a half decent car and that is hard to come by nowadays and if priced right, it’ll sell a lot IMO.

  25. hey guys i own a toyota camry 1992 model which has been maintained in alfuttaim tillnow ,recently it had a leak from the steering box ,but those guys only replace the whole assembly , do u guys know where we can have an overhauling done , pls make sure u suggest a good workshop for cheap price not the ones where ur cars are jacked up on bricks or tyres

  26. Is the Zelas a Corolla coupe basically?

    or is it something else?

  27. Author

    No, the Zelas is a separate platform from the Corolla, with better suspension.

  28. @ rex .. try out Dynatrade . they are the next best thing when working on Toyotas in the UAE and comparitively more economical.

  29. this is all good of you guys but it’s always better to test drive the car first before making Judgment on it.

  30. i read that this toyota scion tc was a flop abroad !! So they jst introduced this heavy price tag thing in uae with a new name to fool the market !!

  31. worst looking car ever, currently best looking n overall good car is 2011 optima sx, in 90000 dhs u get all the features in the car u’d want n looks the best

  32. Yeah! Why don’t they just bring back Toyota Celica with a 2012 look?

  33. Come on whatever it is it’s still gonna b Toyota so i’ll pass

  34. Guyz i tell you the interior is very much similar to Mazda6 09- specially the speedometer designs. Seats are also similar above all i dont respect the price tag of 90+ its toooooo much !!

  35. i have one its realy fast and good sound system

  36. Well – the styling is not really attractive – I think the Honda Accord Coupe is much nicer!
    It looks more like one class below – like an umped up Corolla…

    Despite the styling and the interior – if Toyota would have brought a rwd coupe, they would sell it to people like me, who like “real” sporty cars. But no – again this stupid front wheel drives…

    One have to say – that a front wheel drive coupe is a really stupid idea [at least as drivers car].

  37. The reviews seem positive about this car.. It isnt that big, its basically a bit bigger than a renault clio.. and having a 2.5 engine for that size is quite good.. I believe this thing is a decent compact sports car..

  38. Great disappointment.I have driven the Scion tC in Canada.Zelas is missing much from it. Expecially the price.We are here in UAE and we expect something. All i wanna know is how much i am gonna miss my car when i go for vacation. If this car can make that impact then ofcourse i am ready to pay the price.
    Front wheel drive is a “step back ” reason for me.

    Hahaha but i liked Brooks comment. !

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