Renault Megane 2011 hatchback reaches UAE & GCC

Renault Megane 2011 hatchback reaches UAE & GCC

Renault’s Middle East outfit has been releasing all sorts of “foreign” cars in the GCC market, such as the Logan from Romania and the Safrane from Korea, over the last few years, so much so that only a couple of models remained truly French. However, after a brief absence, the French-built third-generation Megane has finally reached the UAE, apparently going on sale quietly in November.

The 2011 Renault Megane 5-door hatchback is powered by a choice of three engines and three transmissions. There is a choice of a 110 hp 1.6-litre with a 5-speed manual gearbox, a 105 hp 1.5-litre with a 4-speed automatic gearbox, and a 143 hp 2.0-litre with a Nissan-sourced CVT automatic.

Aside from the usual compact-car features, safety items include ABS, electronic brake-force distribution and emergency brake assist, with optional stability control and understeer control.

The Megane is also available in 5-door GT, 3-door, wagon and convertible body styles in Europe, although these may not be brought here for some time.

Keep track of specs and further updates in the Renault Megane buyer guide.

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  1. Hey Folks!

    Anyone who ever tried this car! Any feedback? Any remarks?

  2. it is ok and well. I have megan 2 hb and so sport car when u drive u can feel pover, and when u need to ekstra power so easy u can get if you going to buy dont think it is ok

  3. Renault hatch 2011 is nice car, lots of features compare with other similar brand. I’m happy driving this car specially using cruise control, bluetooth and soo smooth on the road….but the problem are the service, changing oil for 1st 1000km will take more than three hours (Showroom agent said its takes 30 minutes only for 1st 1000km :D), now i’ve got an accident 1st week of February, until now im waiting for my car parts to come…

  4. 😀 Fix my car….where are the part for may megane hatch 2011 model

  5. No responce, nor even saying anything for my car parts! Service center said…my part are comming from Japan, what will happen now if all my car parts washout by tsunami, means my car will not fix anymore?

    Think wisely before buying Renault car, service are very unsatisfactory and bad!

  6. Finally after 40 days there fixing now my megane hatch 2011 12v 110

    Thanks at all

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