Honda Civic 2012 concept debuts at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Honda Civic 2012 concept debuts at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

This here is the 2012 Honda Civic “concept” which debuted at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Available in coupe and sedan form again for the U.S. market, it looks be a substantial facelift of the current model rather than a complete redesign. There isn’t much details available, but Honda mentions standard safety and optional hybrid features that will likely not make it to the Middle East.

While these are thinly-disguised versions of the production model, with body kits and big wheels tacked on, there is a chance that the GCC-spec model will look slightly different to mimic the Honda City’s front end. The existing American-built Civic is already slightly different from the one on UAE roads.

Keep track of updates in the Honda Civic buyer guide.

What do you think?



  1. hahahahahahahahaha….lame!!!

  2. That front bumper looks like the one on the Honda NSX.

  3. It looks ugly, it doesnt worth the 7 years waiting period !!!!!

  4. Ugliest car .. Honda lost their magic touch on designing cars..

  5. all new corola is betr than tis…

  6. Damn, you can’t tell if it is smiling, aggressive of what exactly.

    Its very confused.

    And what, the exhaust looks like the one on the Lamborghini Murcielago. LooL

  7. currently only Kia Optima Sx 2011 is the best car

  8. lame design honda… u have lost the edge

  9. Hey…i saw a video of new Honda Civic Testing….somewhere in middle east….the site was guess)

    tat car looks uglier than these cars in pics…

  10. Front is still digestable…rear lost the plot in full…

  11. its for US market ,designed in US. currently the Asian civic looks way better than the Feminine US civic. I hope we will get a better design in future…

  12. the design is out dated. Korean cars design are better nowadays.

  13. so bad looks a an 80’s car

    must be a joke

  14. Dear Sir,

    Can I have more details for this vehicle , more pictures, what will be the cost of AED currency , is it available in Dubai show rooms !!!!!!! Thanks

  15. 2012 civic sucks, please make 2013 better !!!

  16. front is disgusting!looks like honda’s 80’s model

  17. Im still waiting for that 4 door honda model with the pitch black top, what the? the 2012’s are AWFUL what are you guys thinking. And the interior? the civic 06-11 setup was GORGEOUS, simple futuristic, now its sharp and busy

  18. honda is maintaining aerodynamics pattern and i like it no matter how it looks today and tomorrow.

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