So we got a 2011 Infiniti QX56 long-termer

So we got a 2011 Infiniti QX56 long-termer

When we asked for an Infiniti M as a long-term car, it was unavailable, but Nissan Middle East offered us a QX56 instead, for a month. We hadn’t driven either the Nissan Patrol nor its sistership Infiniti QX56 yet, so we jumped at the chance.

The big vehicle was delivered to us on a flat-bed tow truck, and its imposing size was obvious as soon as we stepped inside. We’ll go over all the fancy gadgetry that the QX is laden with over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

What do you think?



  1. It might be big, but it dont scare me, HUH ! LOL

  2. One of the most UGLIEST cars I’ve ever seen -.-

  3. waiting for the review

  4. Loser, the fool who gave me thumbs down.

  5. I don’t care about the looks, if I had the money to throw away. But surely I would choose this or the Nissan Patrol over any other large SUV.

  6. this is too over done , i would get the nissan patrol instead !!!

  7. it looks super ugly in photos, but in reality it’s good (not very good), it’s just not photogenic ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The difference between Infiniti and Nissan is if you are trying to impress a girl you say your ride is infiniti GIRL WILL SAY IN MIND HE IS MY NEXT DATE. But If you say Nissan GIRL WILL HOPE ITS NOT SUNNY IN MIND. And you should say it in full its a NISSAN PATROL…. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. i find it awesomee… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. how come my comments dont appear??? :S :S….

    nyways about the qx56, i liked the shape somehow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. very elegant and luxurious looks! i love it! ill choose this over lexus lx



  13. I almost considered buying the new nissan patrol , so will be interested in your reviews about this one.

  14. We have the older Infinity QX in the family and absolutely love it. Actually IMO the older one looks better than this “new gen patrol” based one. But in terms of space its is da bomb! …and driving it in crowded bur dubai streets is somewhat of a fun challenge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I didn’t like the G37 coupe my Gf wanted, based on pics, didn’t think it was that much better than the 335i coupe in terms of looks, but in person its amazing, and that is the same for the entire Infiniti range, pictures don’t do justice on them, gotta see them up close, esp the new M.

  16. I know it, some will thumb me down but it’s just my own opinion… I didn’t think I’ll say ugly to any Infiniti cars as I’m a big fan of Infiniti; specially EX and FX ( which I like most )… but just the front of the new QX is just ugly, the headlight design is.. I donno what to say.. but the design of the head light is to blame… these are just made the whole front that ugly… and the back side.. it’s nice but again.. one element made it ugly.. the top glass is less wider than the rest made is something wrong in the whole design !!

    I don’t like these big cars anyway, there lines are too sharp for me ( I hate all Toyota’s Lande’s and the Lexus LX for the exact same reason ).. I prefere mid and big size crossover instead, specially the EX, FX.. but I think these are small too ( a small mid-size crossover ), specially the EX…

    I hoped to see a larger size of FX ( size of Lexus RX, Ford Edge or Mazda RX9 ), and also a much better QX that takes the crossover design with it’s sleek lines and fancy FX styling… so another bigger FX but much bigger than mid-sized crossover… maybe as big as Ford Explorer but with sleeker lines… Explorer still had some hard lines and corners

    I wanted to say this long time ago… the Infiniti unique lines and design does not fit to hard line design of such a QX… they can’t mix two design concepts in one ( the infiniti design concept with hard lines of Nissan patrol ).. it will be ugly like the new QX…

  17. The old QX56 was a little muscular and fun to drive and a little more capable. But this one is definitely more powerful, more luxury and classy. Pricing wise this will def be more competitive and better than Escalade, Q7, Range Rover Sport, LX570, GL Mercs etc.
    Though V8, frame body luxury suv arenโ€™t exactly in the step of times with luxury crossovers coming in. 2011 QX56 is much more in step with its mission.

  18. This car is better than anything similar from GM. I mean look at the Escalade. Yes its good looking, and has more torque, but for instance, look at the crappy screen interface. I have the same screen and options on my Acadia. Its hard to use, and the touch screen is not sensitive enough.

    Infiniti, on the other hand, is Japanese. And those Japanese people they give attention to everything in the car, just like the Germans, if not even more.

    Yes its shorter on torque, but who cares? Its more reliable, and its Infiniti after all.

    Just wished the rear bumper have grown a bit bigger, and the front head lights have gotten a bit taller!

  19. gorgeous car. i would love to have one.
    good job dr. mash

  20. ^who is Dr.mash ??

  21. ugly as hell!!!after the luanch of the new patrol i have started liking the LX570 ,dont know why…

  22. I don’t have any problem with Escalade touch screen. That is one of the things I am happy about quite simple easy and handy to use even when you are driving.

    Rear view camera is also good even at dark.

    • Do you really have an Escalade? Have you tried the screen on BMW’a and Audi’a? Have you seen any video demnstrating the system on the Infiniti QX56?

      The one in GM cars is very out-dated, and when you are driving, its a pain in the rear to navigate it. Also, the screen resolution is low, and its very bright at night. If you decrease the brighness, the whole interior lights will decreae brighness as well … Maps are aweful. very low quality, and details are small. You find youself always zooming in and out to get the info you want. On my Acadia, the system started to malfunction. It is not detecting the position of the car precisely, but now they fixed it. Its much better on my 2008 X5 with its previous generation iDrive system. Even the maps are much much clearer!!!

      Also this car has one more gear choice, totaling 7, compared to the 6 in the Escalade. Thus, it can do 200 km/hr, and the Escalade does 170!

      This car also consumes much less feul compared to the pointlessly large engine in the Escalade. They produce similar numbers of torque and HP, and the acceleration is very close to 100 km/hr! Its better engineered, and more balanced. Its a more complete package if you look at it.

      The handling is also better on the Infiniti. The Escalade scares you when you take corners at high speeds. My cousin has one, and its hopless when it comes to cornering. Its ok on straight lines, but useless on corners.

      The price is also close to the Escalade, so judge by yourself!

  23. a hippo on wheels…

  24. Retro style for sure.. but its a very good SUV… I like it…

  25. Its a lexus lx570 wannabe that falls with its looks,the land cruiser is the best and the nissan patrol can follow… really like it.

  26. hey when r u guys planning to start posting the videos of ur testings! they r always fun to watch!!!

  27. I have an escalade 2009 and you can see that I have highlighted the issues and advantages with it on myride forums and also loaded the photos of my car in my ride gallery. My User name is the same on that one as well.

    My point was simple you had said that the touch screen was not good and I shared my experience that it was fine.

    Now regarding the rest of the points highlighted it is subjective to the driver who uses it.

    People are entitled to their own choices and views I have no wish to prove anything here.

  28. One more thing the technology on the escalade is outdated mainly beacuse it underwent a redesign in 2006-07 whereas the infiniti compared is a 2010-11.

    There is no doubt technology will be superior.Same way it would be wrong to compare a redisgned escalade in 2014-15 which is expected to have all intrumentation displays on the windscreen that GM is testing right now to the 2011 infiniti in question.

    like I said it is quite subjective in nature to compare attributes of a car

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