Mini Countryman GCC launch in Dubai

Mini Countryman GCC launch in Dubai

We just received a press release stating that the 2011 Mini Countryman had its GCC launch in Dubai with a “two-day action packed adventure” for the media around the UAE. We also heard from some Sharjah newspaper journalist that even he was invited. But of course, we being a small-time website with only 100,000 audited GCC readers and 280,000 worldwide users, with five times more web traffic than Car Middle East or any other local website, were deemed not worthy enough to join the party.

The Mini Countryman is a 5-door crossover powered by a 184 hp 1.6-litre turbo 4-cylinder engine with 240 Nm of torque and all-wheel-drive, or a 122 hp 1.6-litre in base trim. It is expected to reach Middle East showrooms by March.

Keep track of updates in the Mini buyer guide.

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  1. doesnt look worth it anyway! jus a bigger and taller cooper…i understand them trying to stick with the signature look – but come on, they can do better!

  2. Its like the mini was exposed to radioactive waste and mutated into this…gaah!

  3. At their prices!! I never even bothered about the normal cooper !! Who cares about this !! You can really tell a lot about people who buy these, and say its cool!! What a joke !! You can buy some pretty amazing cars for this price or even cheaper!! eg. The american muscle trio, Golf GTI, scirocco etc. etc.

  4. Wow, just a hint of bitterness there?

  5. Of all the minis in the world, i love the old austin mini.. Everything else like the crap mentioned here are more like a gay pride auto festival..

  6. We’ve also faced similar trepidation! Ever since some carmakers specifically mention pan-Arab media preference over a local magazines such as yours, we have been monitoring the availability and reach of English language pan-arab motoring titles in Oman. From our resources, we have failed so far to find a single pan-arab publication that sells or distributes 7,000 copies or more in Oman. By far, we out number probably all of them and we can confidently challenge any contender on this. We don’t know what happens or how it operates in the other markets, but isn’t it high time that these PR-savvy carmakers begin to appreciate the contribution of strong local media sources and revisit their ‘fixed, archaic attitude’!

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