Long-term update: 2008 Ford Mondeo in the UAE

Long-term update: 2008 Ford Mondeo in the UAE

So far, there are no problems with my 2008 Ford Mondeo. There are slight squeaks coming in from around the centre console, although it is barely noticeable when compared to my previous Mazda 6 and is not intrusive. I had spent more time in city traffic this time which explains the increased fuel consumption. I have spent Dhs 338 dhs for fuel since I bought it and have covered over 1900 km, of which about 75% was spent on the UAE’s highways. Still very happy driving it. It is a very comfortable car.

The interior is as huge as it can get in this category and as classy as it can ever feel. Soft-touch materials have been used around the upper dash, part of the lower dash in the driver’s area, and the upper door panels. There are hard plastics in the lower door panels, under the seats, lower dash near the passenger area including the glove box lid. The lower door panels are also hard plastics; and the design makes a part of the lower plastic panel extend way upward, like in the new Hyundai Sonata. The centre dash has a brushed aluminium finish and the stereo gets a chrome lining to it. The steering wheel has a cheap chrome finish to it –- and that is probably the only cheap-looking part in the whole interior! Seats are cloth with two-tone finish, and are spacious and comfortable. There are a couple of cup holders in the centre console while the rear passengers should adjust themselves with the door pockets.

Space is not an issue at all. There is ample headroom and legroom for both front and rear passengers and the car can comfortably seat up to five 6-foot adults with absolutely no issues. There are two power outlets, one in the centre dash which also doubles as a cigarette lighter, and one in the rear. The trunk is as huge as it can get and has more useable space than that of the Accord. With folding seats, space is even more immense.

The stereo output sounds excellent and sound through the speakers come out crisp and clear with above-average bass and treble. As a matter of fact, it was on par with the BOSE units in the Altima and the Mazda 6. The stereo head unit is an in-dash single CD player and has AM/FM radio with RDS support. The buttons on the deck seems reminiscent of a telephone set and even has colour-coded buttons for call functions; but those are in fact buttons for muting the sound. The AUX connectivity port is, weirdly enough, placed behind the glove box lid! It is sort of annoying when the AUX wire hangs partly in the air and rests partly around the gear stick! Rear passengers get separate reading lights.

The interior is quiet with almost no engine noise at most speeds; the engine note is heard only as a slight drone even under hard throttle. Wind noise is evident after 130 kph and road noise is almost absent, thanks partly to Michelin Primacy HP tyres. There isn’t any sort of vibration or anything present, making the driver and passengers of the Mondeo feel pleasant and comfortable.

Ford has done a good job with the exterior too. Mondeo is one of the European Fords to get the ‘Kinetic’ styling aside the Fiesta and Focus. The car looks way too elegant and puts the famous Japanese trio to shame in the looks department. It doesn’t look too bland, dull or bloated -– in fact the design doesn’t even reveal the actual size of the car in a glance! The design is such that it attracts the young and the old alike -– it can suit a mid-twenties professional, a middle-aged businessman and a retired officer as well!

Original Mileage When Bought: 22,132 km
Latest Mileage To Date: 24,035 km
Latest Average Fuel Economy: 11.2 litres/100 km
Cost of Latest Problems: Dhs 0
Cost of Latest Maintenance: Dhs 0

Total Non-Fuel Running Cost Since Bought: Dhs 0

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  1. This has been posted before by Drive Arabia. Why is it on top of the news list again?

  2. I am planning to buy the full spec Mondeo which i think is called the Platinum..do you suggest going for it and how are the features in there?

    • The full spec is called the Titanium which comes with the Ford Converse+..it is feature rich; visit one of the Ford showrooms in Dubai – they have kept a stand beside the car which holds a list of features in the car..it has almost everything you can expect in a premium mid-sizer except a navigation. I am not sure of the pricing though..I suggest you visit the showroom and if possible, test drive one..

  3. I just want the bottom line. Is it (or will it be) a Fix Or Repair Daily or not?

    • so far, mine is doing well..no problems with starting in the cold; starts at the flick of the key…nothing seems to be out of order…everything is fine..its still new though and since it appears to be simple in nature mechanically, things should be fine I guess! lets c :)….considering how well mmy old Mondeo did and how my friends’ Fords are doing, it isnt Fix Or Repair Daily sorta vehicles at all!

  4. which of the 2 vehicle do you think is better. Ford Fusion or Ford Mondeo ?

    • Fusion is relatively new in the market while the Mondeo has been around since sometime now. Fusion hails from Ford’s American plant while the Mondeo comes from Europe, being manufactured in Belgium. Though in the same segment and stablemates, both cars are very different in their appearances and character. The Fusion is relatively cheaper and has pretty good amount of tech for the price you pay; it handles great too while being supremely comfortable. However, the refined 2.5L engine in the Fusion is noisier and the car is smaller in dimensions when compared to the Mondeo, which is more spacious and feels more classy. The Mondeo, while being bigger and heavier, is also slightly quicker off the line even though it sports only a 2.3L engine. Mondeo also excels in the handling department marginally while also being as comfortable, despite its humungous size. It also has more silent interiors and much lesser engine noise intruding into the cabin in comparison to Fusion – all you will hear in the Mondeo is a drone from the engine on hard throttle. Braking is linear in the Mondeo and braking distances is shorter while the noise dive is limited – in comparison, the Fusion has a greater nose dive. Mondeo comes with front, side, curtain and knee airbags standard across the variants – not sure about the Fusion here.

      Test drive both the cars and you will know :). Resale shouldn’t be among your priorities considering you are going for a Ford – however, the Mondeo will fetch you better resale value compared to the Fusion, which many dont even know exist!

    • if you haven’t seen yet, here is DA’s review on the Fusion -> https://www.drivearabia.com/ford/fordfusion2010.html

      as for the Mondeo, you may ask me whatever details you would like to know and even check out the owner’s long term updates section for a good idea about the vehicle 🙂

    • @vivek: Went a lil overboard with the ‘humungous size’ dude 😉 . Its a decently sized car !! But I agree, mondeo is the better choice.

    • I was comparing it to other mid-size sedans, esp the Jap trio.. 🙂 ..that way, i guess i’m still on board..hehe 😀

  5. @Ravi – MONDEO hands down. Forget the fusion.

  6. I think its high time I wrote an update…..

  7. Thanks a ton, guys. How about the Al Tayer after sales service and other servicing expenses for Mondeo.

    • well…you may hear mixed reactions on that..I have not experienced major troubles with them; however as with most dealers, there are some unhappy customers around..Generally, their service quality is good…but recently they have increased their labor cost to a significant extent – so it is recommended that you buy an extended premiumCare warranty and service & maintenance plan for 5 yrs / 120k kms..make sure that they give you a brochure, leaflet or stamped document which says that everything including brake pads, batteries, wiper blades etc. are covered (there is something like that which I have seen)..you should be in a good position then…

      service intervals for the Mondeo falls at every 10,000 kms; all what I know about the cost is, according to Al Tayer’s systems, service charges for 20,000 kms service is 330 dhs including labor charges – saw that when I made them show me the service history for the car I bought. I am not bothered anyway since I have extended service plan until 2013 december or 120k kms, whichever comes first.. :)..

    • as with most other dealers, you will hear mixed reactions about Al Tayer. Personally, I never had any major problems with them – compared to many other dealers, Al Tayer is fine and does a good job. I usually visit the service center on Sheikh Zayed rd..

      Servicing costs for the Mondeo isn’t as high as what ppl think it is…service intervals for the Mondeo fall every 10,000 kms…for my old Mondeo i used to spend around 400 dhs on an average for every service; major service occurs every 50,000 kms; the 100k major service was around 1100 dhs while the 50k major service had costed me around 800 dhs. For the new Mondeo, all i know is the 20,000 km service costs incurred by Al Tayer including labor cost was 330 dhs – saw that whn they showed me the service history before I bought the car. I do not have to worry until 2013 or 120,000 kms, whichever comes first since i have a service & maintenance contract alongwith PremiumCare extended warranty until then. Purchasing both extended warranty and service contract alongwith the car is a good and tension-free option! Lemme know if u need any more info or help.

    • ^^ 2 replies coz one did not appear after posting for a long time.. 😀

  8. Hey Vivek, Thanks a ton mate. I’m thoroughly convinced for Mondeo. I had a look at the Tayer Motors today, and I’d have to admit, its amazing. Thanks and appreciate it mate.

  9. I have taken the test ride, its fantastic. Moreover, they have some really good promotions running for 2010 models.

  10. ravi – what offers have you got for the car..wht are they quoting for the full spec

  11. they dont have the titanium anymore…however the middle range is available in shj branch for 77K. have a great one.

  12. I am considering either the Mondeo or the Malibu.
    The 2011 is still not our in full force in any of the showrooms. AUH Ford told me they were not selling 2011 Mondeos as they are “out of stock”.
    The interior is better in 2011, none of the cheap silver console buttons. And even the basic one has a cooled glove box, though no cruise control…

    • Both are really good cars though Malibu has an optional V6. Personally, I think Mondeo has a better design and is more spacious. Waiting for the 2011 model is the best thing though there are some good offers and discounts on the 2010 model – I would still prefer the minor interior upgrades and the advantage of having the latest model year.

    • why not opt for the base taurus for 84k instead of the mondeo…u will get a V6

    • ^^ yes..a good option if your budget can go upto that…only if it is below 75k, consider the Mondeo..

  13. Hi there,
    Thanks for your really useful stuff. Im torn between a Camry and a Mondeo. What do you feel? I know resale market is non-existent for a Mondeo but am not really impressed with the Camry- too few features for the price. Would appreciate your honest opinion.

    • in that case, the only thing left for you to do is to drive both the cars. Rent both the cars for a day or two (Mondeo can be rented from National Car Rental, their branch inside Al Tayer service center in Shk Zayed road). see how much each car suits your tastes and then decide the one that you would prefer surviving with 🙂

  14. I will never ever buy a Camry over a Mondeo; the only ones who would do are taxi drivers and resale obsessed m*****;
    However I will drive the Altima and Sonata along with Mondeo
    Mondeo ride is good, handling is excellent, however some interior parts are cheap and basic version does not even have cruise control.
    I would also not be entirely confident of its AC being as powerful as Nissan’s.
    Also with a Mondeo you would get 60km free service

    • Those who wish to sell their camry will always find someone who ready to buy in whatever condition it is. But I don’t think that’s the case in other cars. My favorite is the Altima though.

    • Now if someone knows they are on a 2 year contract then it makes sense to look at resale, but it does not make sense to pay 10k more today to get 3k more after 3 years.
      Another reason for Camry being popular is that many car novices ask taxi drivers about cars and all a taxi driver knows is the “Kaamry”

      The Altima is 10k cheaper than the Camry and so much better.

    • Yeah. When I usually get a Taxi coupon during my cars service I ask most of the taxi drivers which ones better Camry or Altima without a second thought they just say Camry.
      New camrys should come with a fragile sticker on. Most of the interior parts starts to fall off after few months of use.

    • ^im still owning the accord 2.4 clocked 85k and still its running damn gud.spare parts are expensive and the service charges are too high,when u go for the service they come up with many additional work like transmission oil flush ,brake oil a/c filter cleaning….goes on and the bill goes up. i testd the top speed for my accord on the shj-kalba road before the radars came.

    • My friend owns a accord too. 2005 MY clocked 175,000KMs. It did this many KMs as it was his car used for bunking classes and roaming around pointlessly. And most of the oil changes are done out except any repairs. I doubt if he has changed anything other than regular oil changes. But still it runs good.

  15. Man..im in love with the accord..i would recommend it highly despite its slightly high base price..fyi..base accord 2011 for 80k

  16. A Mondeo is a drivers car. Everything else apart from the Mazda 6 fades in comparison.

    • i saw all the japs b4 zeroing on the accord and few points i liked.
      – made in japan
      – sturdy and strong body
      – slightly fatter tyres for better grip
      – ride quality perfectly balanced..not too soft not too hard
      – reliability, resale, interior space, quality of materials
      – honda showroom and service centre service and quality of employees
      – smoothness of ride and very little road noise

      i guess these points should be enough to move alliance towards honda

    • I am so sorry my friend. I do understand you own an Accord and of course I do not intend to berate you or your car. The next car that I drive often after my own car is the new Accord, the 4-cyl variant though. In comparison to a Mondeo, here is what the result would look like considering the points you mentioned..i have driven both cars extensively, which can enable me to compare these cars to a very good extent.

      -> Made in Japan – yes, it is indeed a perfect piece of machinery with very little problems (or no probs at all for most, my friend was unlucky) and generally great reliability. As a matter of fact, Accord definitely scores over the track records of the European Mondeo. Accord wins here.

      -> Sturdy and Strong body – in comparison to a Camry or Altima, yes; in comparison to a Mondeo, I am sorry, but think again. Points to Mondeo.

      -> Slightly fatter tyres for better grip – not a point for comparison; i can fit any car with any sort of tyres..but if you are talking about the abilities of the car, Accord does not even come close to the Mondeo in terms of handling and cornering limits even if the Mondeo is fitted with thick rubbers instead of low profile ones and all that while being as comfortable as the Accord. It has more to do with chassis tuning, suspension setup etc..Mondeo scores here downright!

      -> Ride quality – agreed about the Accord being not too hard and not too soft; but at speeds over 180kph the Accord gets a little floaty especially when the roads get a bit uneven. Mondeo is not too hard and not too soft, but retains its composure regardless of its speed. So Mondeo wins here.

      -> Reliability, resale – from what I hear, only few complaints from Mondeo owners, but even fewer or no complaints from Accord owners; and resale is Accords plus…So points for Accord here..

      -> Interior space – both cars are huge; but going by dimensions and usable boot space, the Mondeo wins here without doubt.

      -> showroom and service center quality – both are superb and very professional. a few random complaints are there about both al tayer and trading enterprises. al tayer has the bad habit of berating their own products and giving up with customers. trading enterprises are known for their comparitively high service and labor costs. so its a tie here…

      -> smoothness of ride and road noise – Accord is smooth with less road noise; Mondeo is smooth too, but with noticeably lesser road and engine noise. By a slight margin though, points for the Mondeo here.

      As I said, no intentions of any insults. Every car has its minuses and what matters the most in choosing a car is by deciding on what your priorities are and choosing a car that meets it. So a Mondeo may be the best car for me, but not necessarily the best car for someone else. Same goes with Accord or any other car. Cheers! 🙂

    • oops..i did not see the “japs” part in ur post :P..

    • Vivek – A healthy debate is always welcome man. And yes, compared to all Japs and many in the same price range especially pitting the Accord against the Taurus (my next choice) I chose Accord. Did not get to drive the Mondeo but the overall feel or connect I got from the Accord is what drove me to it.
      This is apart from the above mentioned points. For me, a car is more than just a car and I really need to feel the connect before I go for it. I felt it in the Accord more than the Taurus and the Mondeo (I sat in the car although did not drive it).
      It is a different thing that I drive the more powerful Accord compared to the 4-cyl and that’s where my biasness comes in.

    • I totally agree with u there :-)…

  17. ^You lost me at 180 kph.

    • Please let me know where I can drive at speeds of 180kmph

    • I dunno. Ask Mr. Oberoi.

    • @mash: found a small info about the accord from some random forum..it says that the 3.5l.accord has its suspensions tuned slightly bettr than accord 4-cyl variant fr bettr ride quality n handling..true?

      @anil: there used to be the sharjah kalba highway..but recently I came 2 knw tat they keep mobile radars thre…

    • The suspension on the V6 will be tuned to support the heavier V6 engine. There is nothing intentionally sporty about it.

    • Don’t know about the accord but in Altima when it comes to V6 it has a Z inspired suspension which they state is lightweight and has better response.

  18. Hi Guys,

    Give me ur valuable suggestions with pros & cons except resale value

    Taurus or Accord ?

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